Monday, April 29, 2013

2nd Week in MEXICO!

April 29th, 2013

Well, everyone speaks Spanish here. Its hard. I go the whole day maybe understanding 20% of what people are saying, then I have to try to teach them. But I can tell I'm doing a lot better than when I first got here. My companion is really helpful to because he knows English really well and actually wants to speak English with me. I kind of wish he would talk in Spanish more actually but I guess I get enough of that in lessons with people. 
Well here's how it is here. We aren't allowed to knock on doors for safety reasons so we rely totally on the members and our investigators for contacts. We can also contact people that are walking in the street but a lot of them give us fake addresses. Its kind of sad but yeah. People don't want to be rude to our face I guess so they give us an address they just don't live there haha. We had to drop one of our investigators with a baptism date because we visited her and she hadn't been keeping her commitments to read the Book of Mormon and hasn't been coming to church so we asked her if she wants to get baptized, and she said that she believes now that as long as she does good things in life that she will be fine and doesn't need to be baptized in our church. So we said that if she ever wants to talk to us again or needs help with anything like service, she has our number but that we cant waste our time teaching here if she doesn't want to learn because there are other of Gods children that are willing to learn. 
Its frustrating because none of our investigators came to church. And we cant give them a ride or go with them because we get a ride ourselves. oh well. We do all that we can to get them to come. 
A kind of miracle happened the other day. Three of our appointments canceled on us. And when we dont have appointments, we cant just go knocking on random doors. So we looked through our area book and were looking at people the missionaries had previously had contacted but hadnt gotten anywhere with for one reason or another. So we wrote down a bunch of names and the first one we went to visit we realized was a house that sells clothes that my companion bought 3 shirts from the day before! Now this girl that lives there was visited by the missionaries 2 years ago. So we came back and asked if we could come in and share our message. She said yes and her and her sister and their kids were all there and we tought her about the restoration! She was very receptive and was asking questions about what we were saying and understood what we were talking about. They accepted baptism dates where they will prepare to be baptised by that date and if they feel that it is right that is when they will be baptised. Exciting! I really hope it works out with them. They have a large family that lives together so we are focusing a lot of eternal families. 
Yesterday was an interesting day. One of our recent converts, she was baptised 4 weeks ago, her father died saturday morning so the funeral was on Sunday. We had to walk for about an hour and a half to get to the chapel that his body was at. Earlier that morning, It had rained super super hard. Muy fuerte. Some of the roads were litterally like rivers. I have pictures that will be sent. But we had to take of our shoes, rool up our pants, and walk through water knee deep. We probably walked about a mile bare foot in and out of water. We were finally able to put our shoes back on after about an hour. We then went to the burial and my companion was able to dedicate the grave. It was also a Catholic thing because everyone here is catholic and her father was as well. So the only members were us two missionaries, the recent convert and two of her kids. It was interesting. haha. We then walked along the railroad track to get home so we could avoid the water. 
Im not sure what else interesting happened this week but I want to tell you that I know that this church is true and that what Im doing is what I need to be doing right now. I love you all and cant wait to return with Honor!

Also, I heard Korey is putting his papers in!!! I'm so happy you don't even know!

Elder Warren

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