Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fourth Week at the MTC!

April 4th, 2013

Hello family!
How is everyone?
The MTC is great! Well, it's good. I really can't wait to leave though. I'm going to miss this district. We've really become like family over the past 4 weeks. It's funny because we are already planning reunions. One of the elders is planning on being a pilot so he's going to fly me out to Utah with everyone haha. Because I'm the only east coaster.
So there is exciting news today! I'm expected to go to the consolate in Salt Lake City today! I'll find out hopefully if I'm getting my visa! There have been quite a few people that have had to get re assigned for a little while because of visa trouble. Hopefully that won't happen to me but i'll go where the Lord wants me to go. I'll be getting back on later today to tell you how it went.
Dad, That sounds really hard to have to tell about the Savior's life in only 15 minutes! I watched a video of Elder Bednar talking at the MTC and it was fantastic. I wish they had it available to everyone but I think it's just for people at the MTC unfortunately. He talked about the Characters of Christ, which is the opposite of the natural man. The characteristics of the natural man are to look inward and think about yourself while the characters of Christ are constantly reaching out to others, no matter what is happening to you. He gave a couple examples, one of them being, after Christ had suffered in the garden of Gethsemane, and was betrayed, and Peter cut off one of the guards ear. Christ had just suffered more than any of us can comprehend. He had felt all of the pains, sicknesses, afflictions, and sins of the world, but he took the time and energy to heal the guard that, among with others, procedeed to take Christ to his death. If we can still reach out, and help others, even while we are ourselves in the worst time of our life, that is what it means to be Christlike. He also gave a really good definition of sin and repentance. Sin is turning in on ourself, which if you think about it, any sin we could commit is related to selfishness, and repenting, is turning out. He also gave the story of when Christ was tempted by Satan. And we always focus on the physical temptations that Christ resisted. But the real temptation was for Christ to turn inward. He was tempted by Satan for him to use his powers for himself and not others. This is what the real temptation was. But he resisted and continued to turn outward. "Christ turns out when you and I would turn in." Anyway it was an incredible talk.
That sounds so exciting to have 4 sets of missionaries in the ward! Just like old times! haha. Hopefully the work will start to proceed. The stone has been cut out of the mountain and is rolling it's way down the face. I can't wait to see how much Brockport ward will change by the time I get back! I'm sure it will.
Hows the daily prayers going? I hope you can do them even if the whole family isn't there. It really makes such a huge difference. Oh, just thought of something. In my personal study, I am spending some time in 3 Nephi chapter 12 which is comparable to Matt 5 where Christ gave the sermon on the mount. Christ starts listing off attitudes and the blessings that come from them, such as, "Yea, blessed are the poor in spirit who come unto me, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Then, I take that verse, and anylise it as much as I can. I have a little notebook for my scripture studies. So I'll write down the verse, then try to figure out what it exactly means to be "poor in spirit." Using footnotes etc. I'll write it down in my journal. I will then anylise what in means to "recieve the kingdom of heaven." Then continue to go through all these attributes and try to apply them in my life. And also, you have a lot of good material to base talks and such off of. It's been pretty enlightening and you should all try it!
Well, my laundry is about done so I gotta get going. I love you all so much! Oh yeah, last Sunday I was made District leader! Cool huh? It's a wonderful oportunity and a blessing to be able to serve my district and I hope and pray that I will do well.
Well I'll probably send an email a little later today. Have a good one! God bless!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Daryl Warren

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