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April 22nd, 2013

Wow. I don´t even know where to begin. It is so so different here. Mom, If you had to ride in a taxi here, you would probably cry. The drivers in the city are crazy. We arrived monday and spent the night at the mission home. Then, I met my trainer, Elder Pagaza. He´s from Mexico City but he also speaks English pretty well which is a real blessing! He wants to do international business so wants to learn English pretty well so every night we talk in English. During the day though is all Spanish. It is so hard to understand the people here. Even elder Pagaza said that it´s hard to understand them here sometimes. They speak so fast and the words just sound different. He helps me when I don´t understand something someone says to me.

We walk so much. Like all day. And it is so hot. Hace calor. Luckily, it´s cooled off a little bit since when I first got here. I wanted to die the first day. It was about 103 when we got off the plane. But it´s pretty normal and I´m getting used to it. Also, I´m starting to get a killer tan. I haven´t burned which is good, I never really did burn much anyway. But I do have some pretty bad ampollas (blisters). I´m buying some Dr. Scholls later today but I got some pretty big blisters on my feet and it hurts. Like a lot. But I´m not complaining.
The people! Like I said before, they talk so fast and I almost never really understand what they are saying. But it´s okay because they are so nice and loving! I love teaching the people here because they are so accepting of the gospel! We taught a girl yesterday and it really reminded me of Becki haha. Her boyfriend, Gerardo, is a member and he brought her, Patsy, to church and we taught the first lesson right after sacrament meeting with him. They are really cute and they were so cute haha. She was super like suprised when she said that she can keep the book of Mormon we gave her! haha she was like, for me?? and we were like, YES! haha. She said she would read and learn from it which is awesome. We have two people with a baptism date right now, But one of them might change because she hasn´t come to church yet. I´m not really sure why but she is kind of weird haha. She said she had a revelation that I will learn 6 languages.. We need to teach her about personal revelation and who you can receive it for sometime soon. We have another Sister who is set for a baptism but she feel like she is going to sin after she is baptized and she is scared off that. We have taught her that no one is perfect and everyone who is baptized will sin afterward. This is why we have the atonement! We will be going back this week to check on her. She also has a little problem giving up coffee. We´ll see how that works out too.
My companion is great! I love him so much. He has been able to help me with the language so much. I´m grateful that I got a native companion. He is a really good teacher but he also makes me teach in the lessons and I struggle a lot with the words or knowing where to go but it´s getting better and the people are patient with me. With a few investigators, after the lesson, we will just talk for a couple minutes so I can get used to understanding the accent here. Oh right I should probably tell you where I am!
Our area is in a town called Rio Bravo. It´s really close to the boarder, you can look it up. We have a branch of 30 something members. We also share the building with two other branches. I don´t know why we don´t make it one meeting but hey. It kind of a poor area and all of the houses here are like 3 or 4 rooms made out of concrete. We live above a member family. We have two large rooms, a bedroom, and two bathrooms. The problem is, is that there is no hot water.. haha. also the water pressure is so weak that water kind of just dribbles out of the shower head. So we each fill up a bucket of water in the morning and then heat up some water on our table top electric stove then put that in the bucket. We then pour the water on ourselves with a smallish bucket like a margarine tub or something. That's how we shower. Livin' the high life. But it´s worth it to do the work of the Lord.
This work is so hard here and is definitely not easy. It is the most humbling experience of my life. I can´t wait until the language is not a problem but I know I can still talk with the spirit even if they don´t understand my words very well.
I love you all and hope you are doing well. The food here is wonderful by the way. We had some tacos from a taco stand in the street the other night and it was wonderful. Also, you get like 6 tacos for the giant price of 24ish pesos. Which is about 2 american dollars.
Oh, also, my companion was telling me about a guy in our branch that you can send letters and packages to. He lives here but he goes to Texas a lot. So you can send it to the Texas address then he will take it over the boarder and take it to the mission home. That way, it will cost a lot less and will not be searched through by mexicans. I don´t have the address with me right now but I will send it next week.
Also, I think it would be better if you sent me emails. Because I think I will only get the Dear Elders every couple weeks but I get to see my email every week. It´s not like the MTC where I can get it the next day. So just email me. It would probably be better anyway.
I love you all so much!! I´ll send pictures if I can get it to work!

Elder Warren

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