Thursday, April 11, 2013

The First Week!!!

March 14th, 2013

This first week was amazing. Like, beyond words. The spirit here at the MTC is amazing. I can't wait to start serving in Mexico. We already had our first investigator on Friday and we had to teach her intirely in Spanish! She wasn't a real investigator, she was just one of the teachers here, because the MTC is a closed campus and non-members can't exactly go in. Plus it wouldn't be good to practice on an actual investigator haha. But I feel like I've learned soo much Spanish already. I feel more proficient in Spanish than I ever was in school. When you learn a language to serve the lord, he really does bless you and help you learn.
You guys should try to email on Sundays and if you have anything else you want to say, or just make it look like i'm loved at mail time, write me through Dear Elder. I'm not really sure how that works when I leave the MTC (or CCM in Spanish) but I'm sure you'll figure it out, or just email.
I wrote it in my letter I sent home, and I'm not sure you got it yet but theres an envelope in the filing cabinet in one of the red folders with "DMV" written on it. Can you mail that to me? Also, if you plan on sending a package, or Becki plans on it, could you include my jump rope? The one with the skinnier handles? It would be awesome. Also my white compression shorts. They should be in one of the drawers in my room. And I don't need food. I'm never in need of food here haha.
The spirit is stronger here than I have ever felt before. The teachers are amazing. They bring so much spirit into their lessons. I just got back from the temple and will soon be eating lunch then doing laundry then relaxing. Then have dinner and teach Cristina, our investigator, for the last time. We only have investigators for one week at a time. Oh, which reminds me! Me and my companion, Elder Cox, were able to commit Cristina to a baptism! It was really exciting. The "investigators" play their part very well and really do act like a non-member. 
I miss you guys a lot but I haven't felt sad about it or home sick. I think the spirit helps with that and knowing that I am doing the Lord's work. He trully does bless missionaries. Thanks for being such a good example to me and I definitely would have gone on a mission even without Becki (:
So how is everyone? How are Kirk and Eric taking it? You guys? The ward? I'm excited to hear from you.
Oh, so I'm not sure if this is the right email. If it isn't I'm really sorry. I won't be able to email you again until next Thursday so hopefully I know the right email by then if this was wrong and I will be able to copy this and send it to you next Thursday.
I guess there's a new policy where friends can email too! I won't be able to tell them much and I would write this email to you before i wrote one to anyone else. I'll get back to you on that though because I'm not sure how true it is and it might have just been in one person's mission.
Anyway, I love you all! Good luck in everything!
Elder Daryl Warren

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