Thursday, April 11, 2013

Week Five!!!

April 11th, 2013

Well, all the Elders were able to go to the consolate last Thursday! It was super exciting to get out in the real world! So, we got our photo taken and our fingerprints recorded and we all have Visa's! This means that we will be going to Mexico this Monday!!!!!! I'll be on American Airlines flying from Salk Lake to Dallas (tell the !) on flight 1104. It leaved at 8:15 and arrives at 11:55. We then leave from Dallas to Monterrey Mexico on flight 1097. We leave at 1:45 and arrive at 3:20! I'm super excited and I can't wait! Oh yeah, so I will be able to call home from the airport!! We're leaving the MTC at 5 am and I've heard it takes just a little over an hour to get to the airport so I can call around 6 am here which is actually 4 am there. I will also be able to call at 2 pm in Dallas, not sure which time zone it's in though and I won't have as much time to talk. I'll just call both times unless you tell me otherwise in a dear elder. So make sure no one sends any more letters to the MTC because I will not be here anymore! Also I don't think dear elders work in Mexico so you will just have to email and send actual letters (GASP!)
Anyway that wasn't even the coolest part about Thursday! On the train ride back to the MTC which is a little over an hour, I walked through a whole car and went onto the next car, went up to the third level, all the while passing seats I could have sit in, then a man waved me over to sit with him. We started talking about where I'm from and what we enjoy doing. This went on for maybe 10 or 15 minutes. Then he started talking about the gospel. I could kind of tell from his appearence that he wasn't a member or maybe inactive. My suspicions were confirmed as he started telling me about how he was 9 of 12 kids and was raised in the church by strong, faithful parents. He then told me he fell away from the church with one of his brothers. Last Easter, he finally realized that he needed the gospel in his life! He had started going back to church and found a ward that was accepting of him for who he was. It is pretty popular in Utah to be "prejudice" against non-members or inactives which is really sad. But he found a ward that had recently helped someone just him to come back to the church! this man has been helping him return to the fold and rebuild his faith. He already knows all of the stories in the scriptures because his family always studied the scriptures and he went to seminary and the whole deal. It was a super cool experience though to just talk with a real person for the first time as being a missionary! I was able to bear my testimony to him and encouraged him to go into conference with a specific question in mind and it WILL be answered! He enjoyed talking to me and near the end told me he wasn't sure why he waved me over to talk with me because he is usually very shy and doesn't enjoy talking with people. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I believe I was ment to sit with him that day and talk with him. It's amazing to think that I am one of the many people that has and will help him on the road to heaven. And we all can do this! Every action we do affects others life.
We didn't get to watch conference in the conference center. They gather us all up in the Gym and we watched it on the projection screen. President Monson is amazing. You can just tell by the way he talks that he is so full of love. I'm wondering when he will run out of stories! haha. He is an amazing man and truly our prophet today. Also, I think I have a new favorite apostle. Elder Holland is the most powerful speaker! His testimonies are so strong that it gives me chills! I could litterally listen to him speak all day! If you want to read some powerful talks, look up anything by Elder Holland!
I did do my taxes and had gotten the return back before I left. I think you have written down somewhere the password for my bank account so you can look at the ballance online. Let me know if you forgot it.
Tell Korey to email me! I know he said he won't write much, which is okay, but make sure he emails me!! Even if it's just a couple of sentences, I don't care! haha. Just make sure he will this Sunday.
I am super excited and super nervous to go to Mexico! It's pretty close to the United States but so different! I'm sure I will start to learn Spanish super quick once I get there. It's a little scary though. At least all the Elders in my district are going to the same mission and we're all flying together which is pretty awesome!
I just want to say that I KNOW this church is true! I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that the events that happened in it are absolutly real! I know without a doubt that Joseph Smith translated the plates through the power of the Holy Ghost and that he is the first prophet of this dispensation. I know that this will be the hardest, but best two years of my life. I'm super excited to move the work forward in Mexico and can't wait to share the gospel there!
I love you all and pray for you every day! Stay strong and the lord will bless you with even more strength!
Hurah for Isreal!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Warren

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