Monday, May 6, 2013

Tres Semanas en Mexico!


May 6th, 2013

Well It was another interesting week in México! Cinco de Mayo wasn't too crazy. There was a lot of music and people walking around. Apparently its kind of a dangerous day for Americans because 5 de Mayo was a battle between Mexico and America. But the worst that happened was this little kid on a bike called me Gringo. haha. We just kind of laugh at things like that.  

Don't worry about my feet they are just fine. No infections or anything. Also my eczema is way better. My skin is really clear right now. I also barely use my inhaler, don't really need it much. 

That's cool that Kirk is really excited for Washington! I don't think you will have to worry about him, he will be just fine. I hope he has a good adventure out there in our capital!

There was a pretty cool thing that happened this week. Unfortunately, it happened while I was on a split with the zone leaders so I didn't get to experience it, but my companion and the elder he was on a split with were walking down the street and an old lady started yelling for them to pray for her. Naturally, they took the opportunity and gave her a priesthood blessing. She was very sick, like couldn't move much and was coughing a lot and had trouble breathing. Me and my companion visited her on Saturday and taught her the restoration with her, her husband, and her daughter. The older lady and her husband seemed to believe every thing we were saying, just nodding their heads with every thing we said, her daughter not as much but yeah. But she was saying, the older lady, that she has really felt the spirit and she felt much better that day than the day before. The blessing and power of the priesthood are so real! And because of that, they both have a baptism date for the 25 of May. The daughter was a little apprehensive but was participating in the lesson at least.

 Also, yesterday, we were walking down the street with nothing to do. We had no appointments made for yesterday so planned on contacting addresses that were given to us from other missionaries and we had contacted all of the people that were in the area we were in and didn't get any lessons in. Surprise, surprise. But we were then walking down the street and ran into a girl that my companion and the other elder had taught that day that they were on splits! When they had taught them, they talked to like 9 people or so, not teaching a lesson but just getting to know them and their experiences with religion so that we can teach to their needs. But one of the kids ran up to us, he is probably 6 or 7 and told us that his parents and sister are home! haha so we went in and taught a young woman named Yulisa and I think her younger sister. We found her through a street contact by the way haha and I think I did that one actually. But yeah, they both have a baptism date after we taught them the restoration! 

Miracles happen every day whether we realize them or not. My Spanish is getting much better. I think just practice really is what's happening. I can tell the Joseph Smith story like a champ now because I've taught it like 30 times by now. I feel bad for the first few people that had to hear me teach and I still feel bad for people that have to listen to me because I stumble a lot over some words but my companion is helpful and we just try to laugh it off when I make a mistake and that helps the bond between us and the people we are teaching. 

I've thought a lot about how do I know if I am receiving revelation from God? It's an important question and a really good answer from one of my teachers in the MTC was, if you are keeping the commandments and doing what you should be, when you have a good thought enter into your mind, it's revelation. If you are being obedient, and a thought comes into your mind to do something, it's revelation from God and you must do it. I also remember a talk by Elder Bednar that I only watched like 1 minute of because it was playing in another classroom, but he said, 95 percent of the time, you won't realize you received revelation until after you did it. Sometimes you just do something and don't think anything of it. It is very rare for us to realize that we are receiving revelation in the moment so we just have to trust that when we receive impressions or feelings or thoughts, that they are revelation. 

Oh, I can't remember if I told you or not, but Elder Holland is going to talk to our mission in 2 weeks! Its so awesome because he is like my favorite apostle!!

I'm so glad to be here. I hope you don't worry too much about my safety, etc. because I really am safe here. Nothing bad has happened to me and if I follow the rules and stay obedient, I won't have to worry. 

I love you all so very much and hope you have a great week in the good old USA! 

OH! So, I'm going to be calling you this next Sunday! I will be calling from the church and I will call between 550 and 630 my time. I think you are an hour after me so it will be like 650 to 730 but you should check just to make sure. I can't wait to talk to you!!

Elder Warren

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