Tuesday, May 28, 2013

week 6 in Mexico

May 27th, 2013

Hey all! Hows it going!? Didn´t get an email from you guys this week =( It´s okay though. This week was a tad frustrating, but I guess that happens in all missions. It was our first week back in my area and it was a little difficult because we didn´t have any appointments to go off of. Also, it seemed like all of our investigators were never at home when we went to visit. Also, we looked in our area book for inactive members that were baptised here and for old investigators. Almost no one was home. I don´t think we got an actual lesson off of any of these. So there were a lot of days this week where we had 1 maybe  2 lessons and the rest was walking. All day. 

Oh, something exciting did happen though after I wrote you last week, but you have to promise to not freak out. We were robbed in Soriana, which is kind of like a Walmart where there are groceries then stuff. It was like the most peacefull robbing I´ve ever experience, (the only one at that) But we´re fine, just short of 250 pesoes, which is about 20 american dollars. So yeah. We are going to be going to the Soriana with a member family from now on. Also, there´s a guy who is a friend of the missionaries, he isn´t interested in hearing the gospel, but he´s cool with us, and yeah, he had some guys go beat up the people that robbed us haha. Don´t worry we´re fine. I guess that has happened like 5 other times. Yeah, that was kind of the most exciting part of my week. 

Other than that, we found Mario who was the husband of Berenice, the lady that we gave a blessing to in the first time we met her. She went to the hospital shortly after that and found out when we walked past his house that she had died. He didn´t really seem that sad, he was pretty old so he had probably been ready for it. But yeah, hopefully we can teach him now. 

Also, a member family brought a family of 4 and one kid to a church activity on Thursday and yesterday to church. We were able to teach them and yeah, they´re a good family hopefully they accept our message! 

So I´ve made it through my first transfer! Lots of crazyness has happened haha. I´ve had 4 different companions in these 6 weeks, heard Elder Holland, was robbed, had a baptism. Mostly good things haha. 

Well I hope everything is going well at home! I love you all!! Hope you have a good week!!


Elder Warren

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