Monday, June 24, 2013

week 10!

June 24th, 2013

Whew. Dang, I have to go to my agenda to remember what happeed this week. Hold on...

Well one of the most exciting parts of this week is that we had lots of people in church this Sunday!! 9 Investigators and 5 less actives!! Awesome! Granted, 4 of the investigators live in the United States and only came because they were visiting member families, but they are taking the lessons in the United States and we are helping them a little bit. It´s helped me realize that every contact you have with someone, even if the completely reject you, is going to play a role in their life. And we are helpig this family grow just a little bit more every sunday with our Gospel Principles class. The family of Rosalinda that has been progressing most and was the closest to baptism didn´t come to church though. We haven´t taught her in a long time. Every time we pass by she isn´t there or is busy. Even if we make an appointment. It´s a bit frustrating. One of the investigators was brought to church and that was awesome! It´s really good to see the members helping in the mission work. 

Oh Oh Oh, which reminds me! What did you think of the conference about missionary work!?!? Awesome, huh? There are so many changes that are going to happen, mainly that the members need to help the missionaries sooo much more! Something I loved that was said is that missionaries should have their agendas filled with MEANINGFULL lessons! They should not have to tract or really spend much time searching. The work is moving very rapidly and we don´t have time to search for people! We need to spend all of our time teaching! And with members! Please please please!! Tell he missionaries when you are available to help them teach lessons! Investigators progress so much better when they have a friend to go to church with and to be in the lessons with! Something else that you shouldn´t be afraid to go out ad invite your friends to learn more! If they say no, It´s not going to be the end of your friendship. And if you really love your friends and want whats best for them, then you will want to share this gospel with them. I´ve seen people start to change as we´ve been teaching them and it´s amazing what the gospel can do in one´s life. 

Which brings me to our work with our less actives! Also, the importance of visiting teaching! There are at least 3 different families that if they had visiting teachers that actually visited them, they wouldn´t have gone inactive. We´re working with them and we had 5 come to church this Sunday! Usually, less actives just need someone to invite them to church then they can remember what if felt like as a member and they will want to continue coming back. 

I hope the conference yesterday inspired you guys to contribute more to missionary work! It isn´t just something that you should do, It´s something that we as members are commanded to do!

Hope you all have an awesome week. Oh, mom, I finally got your letters this week. You can just send them to the Texis address, it´s much faster, cheaper, and more sure that I´ll get them. Or you can have Dad write something to me at work, because it´s nice to hear from you every week if I can. 

I love you all at home and hope every things is going well. Your in my prayers always!

Elder Warren

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