Saturday, June 8, 2013

Week 7!!

June 3rd, 2013

Well this week was an improvement from this past week. There were two days I wasn´t in my area because I went to Monterrey for my visa (I love going to Monterrey! haha). So I got a green card now. It´s a shame I won´t be able to serve there in the city, but I hear that everyone likes it better out here in la frontera because the work is better. So We only really worked in our area for 4 days this week and the numbers didn´t look very impresive but we did have a lot of success! 

We were going to teach Mario and saw him riding by on his bike. We followed him down this dirt road, (he didn´t notice us) and eventually we didn´t see him anymore but we decided to keep going and when we rounded the corner, there he was!  He has some land there and was watering his plants, so we helped him and offered service. We then returned another day and taught him the lesson about the plan of Salvation because his wife had just died so we explained where she is right now and how he can be together with her and his family forever. He liked that a lot. 

We also went to visit someone who was on the list of members that we didn´t recognize and there was an old lady sitting outside and we asked if this man lived here. She said ´´he did live here.´´ We then found out he had passed away. Also that he was the only member in the family. His wife never got baptised. We asked if we could share our message with her and she teared up and said yes. We sat down with her outside on the porch and taught the first lesson about the restoration. The spirit was so strong and she commited to a baptismal date! It was wonderfull. She even said after, that after the first prayer, she just felt really good, peacefull, and calm. We explained that these are the feelings of the spirit and are the same feelings that you are going to have when you pray to know if our message is true. She can´t read so we couldn´t commit here to read the book of Mormon but we gave her a copy and asked her to pray about it anyway. She said she would and also that she doesn´t want to get baptised unless she feels in her heart it is the right thing to do. She is perfect haha. We explained that yeah, this is how we want her to feel before her baptism and we don´t want her to be baptised if she isn´t sure. 

I don´t know, maybe the week before was to test me a little bit. Hopefully we will continue to have success with our investigators. One thing we need to work on is contacting in the street. It takes a lot of courage for me to walk up to someone and just strt talking to them, especially in a language I´m not great at yet. We have a goal to make 60 contacts this week.  Thats 10 a day except monday. It´s not going to be easy but we are promised that we will be given the words to say in the very hour, yea the very moment that we need them. I´m going to trust in this promise. 

I hope all of you are doing well! Hope Kirk has a good birthday this Saturday! May God be with you until we meet again!

Elder Warren

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