Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 8!

June 10th, 2013

Hey Family! Hope all is going well! Happy Birthday Kirk! I sent a letter, you should be getting it soon. (Actually I sent it in the envelope I sent to Becki, so she has it). But yeah! This week was good. It´s really interesting being a missionary in Mexico because you meet a lot of.. interesting.. people. More than once we´ve had people come up to us and ask us if we can talk to them. I feel like that never happens in the US. But pretty much always you can tell that there´s something wrong with them, like they use drugs frequently and you have to be carefull with these kinds of people. We were looking for someone that was on our list of members and found out he´s now in one of the drug cartels. Also, we found a family on tuesday I think but we found them while looking for someone else that doesn´t live there anymore. But yeah, they are living a pretty rough life and I´m pretty sure that drugs or something is a part of their life. So we´re not sure what we´re gonna do with them because the mom and daughter seemed interested but the sons that were like teenagers were just laughing the whole lesson like ´´are they really doing this right now?´´ kind of way. So yeah. 

We now have 8 Baptismal dates! Although that doesn´t mean much because only one of them goes to church. That is seriously the hardest and most frustrating part is just getting people to come to church. But we do have one person that is part of a family of 4 or 5 and she is very likely going to get baptised.

Also, We visited a less active family yesterday. The father and mother live alone now and their kids are moved out. They have been members for a long time and they know the church is true and that the book of Mormon is true but he was saying that he is lazy. And if he doesn´t have a calling or if people don´t visit him or talk to him, it´s hard for him to go to church which I can understand. He was also talking about how he likes to make goals with the missionaries because every time he makes goals with the missionaries he makes progress and reads and goes to church. So we started making goals with him and yeah. I´m really excited for him. But really, reactivating someone is just as good as a baptism because your are still bring someone back to the fold of God who had experienced the joy, but had fallen away. I´m really excited for him and his wife because he really has a desire to change, he just needs help. And that is what we are gonna do! But this is also why visiting teaching is so important!! If he had a visiting teacher that visited him, he most likely wouldn´t have fallen inactive. 

Well yeah that was my week. Hope you get the computer fixed soon. Haven´t gotten your letters yet but it should be soon. Hope all is well with you guys! I love you so much. May God be with you!

Elder Warren

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