Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 9!

June 17th, 2013

I´m not sure how much longer I will be putting the weeks in, but it´s crazy to think I´ve been here this long! Cool story. We went to an investigator´s home but she wasn´t there, one her teenage daughter with some of her friends. They told me to talk in English because she can understand a little because of school. I just told her that we just stopped by to remind Rosalinda that there's church tomorrow and that a member family will pick them up, and It was hard! I haven´t spoken English in a while and it was hard to say something that normally I wouldn´t have a problem with! Also my spanish is improving a lot. I can understand most of what people say now. If I want, I can go order a hamburger all by myself. It´s exciting to realize how much better I am at the language than I was before. 

In other news, this week was a little difficult. It seems like every plan we had this with fell through. Todos de nuestros planes cayo! So we didn´t have a lot of lessions. Also there were three dfferent less active families we taught this week that all said that they were going to go to church this week and none of them came. Also our investigator with a baptismal date didn´t come either. 

We found this guy named Jesus Reyes this week. Just so you know, there are some crazy people in Mexico haha. He is very interested in religeon and has heard a lot of different religeons talk to him, including some Elders. But he is very confused. We were teaching him and he started talking about how the trees and the rock that he had in his hand are God. We´re trying to teach him but it´s a little difficult. He has a good heart, It´s just going to be hard to teach him because he is very stubborn in his views. 

We had to drop Mario this week. It was kind of sad but he wasn´t making any progress or putting any effort in to know if what we were telling him was true. It´s  sad when this happens because they could be ready to recieve this wonderfull blessing in their life, but they chose to not pursue it to see even if it could bless them. ugh. I know that if you do the things that we are telling you, that you WILL recieve an answer! And it WILL be that it is true! All you have to do is try!! People are just lazy a bit. 

We do have one investigator that is doing well. Her name is Rosalinda. She just needs to work things out with her ¨husband¨ He is in a marriage but hasn´t been with her for over 30 years so we think that it is automatically divorced. So they just have to get married and she will be baptised! Qué Bueno!

Okay, Answer time. 

Question 1. Whats the weather like?

Hot. by mid day, it´s pretty much always over 90. The hotest it has been was about 43 degrees celcius or about 109 degrees. So yeah it´s hot. It never rains, but when it does, it pours. It´s only really rained here twice since I´ve been here. But you get used to it, you really do. You get used to sweating constantly. I still wish it was like at home though. 

Question 2

No, I´m fine with the advair, I got plenty.

Question 3

I bought A pair of shoes last wednesday and they are doing great! I couldn´t stand my old shoes any more. If you can get a pair of shoes from the Ellis´ keep them because I will probably need new shoes latter in my mission. 

Question 4.

On P days We clean the house, study for 2 hours, do laundry, email, eat, then go to the chapel with the rest of the elders from our zone and we play soccer or something until 630. Then we have a district meeting where the district leader gives a lesson to his district.  then we walk home. For about an hour. 

Yeah, Tony is pretty much the boss there. Skinny guy? Yeah Ken is the big guy. I think he´s still the boss of that place but it´s cool that they still remember me haha

Tell mom that if she is going to mail me, to use the Texas address that I gave you guys earlier. It´s a lot faster and cheaper and the letter won´t get lost. Becki sent a letter to the Mexico address when I first got here and I still haven´t gotten it. Might as well make that my address for everyone actually. 

Well it´s time to go, I love you all and hope you all have a great, inspirational, and spiritual week! Love you!

Elder Warren

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