Monday, July 22, 2013


July 23rd, 2013

Finally we have transfers and I will meet my 5th companion in Mexico! Crazy haha. 5 companions in 3 transfers. Elder Parra, even though he was only here for 1 and a half transfers is going to Reynosa to be a zone leader! haha. So I´m still here and elder Millon will be coming here to Rio Bravo with me. It´s really irronic actually because he trained my companion in the MTC, Elder Cox and now he´s going to be my companion haha. Crazyness! I´m excited to meet someone new though I´ve heard good things about him too. 

This week was meh. We´re still trying to get more help from the members, seriously it´s important. It´s the difference between having success and not. Even if we do get a baptism, if the members aren´t supportive, they are going to fall away very quickly. I know with you guys, mom and dad, that you had lots of help from the members when you were investigating and after you were baptised. It´s not only an obligation for members to help in the missionary work, it´s a commandment! 

Satan is working very hard here in Rio Bravo. Every person we had planed that would come to church and said they were coming, at least 5 people, didn´t come for one reason or another. It´s frustrating. 

This week I´ve been focussing a lot on how to be a better missionary. It´s not numbers necisarily that make you a good missionary, rather the effort you put in. If you have the Spirit with you and follow his promptings and are working diligently throughout all the day. 

People here in México are really religeous haha. There are some pretty strong members o the church here that are christian. We´re teaching someone right now that is ¨willing¨ to listen to us but his objective is to convert us into his church haha. It´s interesting for sure. I´m kind of doubting that he is going to progress because he is reading, but not sincerely. Only looking for things that he can challenge us when we return. 

It´s moments like this though that really build my faith and testimony that I am trully doing the Lord´s work. That there is no other way than this. I know it with all my heart and soul. I hope that everyone can come to know like I do that this church is true! 

I hope you are all doing well at home! It´s nice that you can go to church with the family now Dad haha. And all I´ve heard about this week is how Brent is home now! Yay! It must be nice to see him back at home! Give him my love for me. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Warren

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