Monday, July 29, 2013

new companion!

July 29th, 2013

This week was pretty awesome. I love Elder Millán! He is awesome. He is really supportive and I don´t feel nearly as stressed with him. We can just be ourselves which is awesome haha. We get along really well though. Also we are teaching really well together too. I´m still learning although my training is done. I love how my companion teaches because he relies almost totally on the spirit. That is something I need to improve on. Because we´ll arive in a lesson with a basic plan like, okay we´re gonna teach lesson 1, and we get there but we´ll just start talking about something totally different but the spirit is felt more strongly. We are focusing more on their needs rather than the lesson which is something I always knew to do but never really understood I guess. I´m getting better though which is good. 

We found a Less active this week that was awesome! She´s this little old lady that said she lives by herself but I´m pretty sure her family visits her a lot. We showed up and were like, ¨aqui vive San Juana?¨ She said yes, it was her! We went in a visited her. She said she has been a member for over 20 years. There was a young man that would come and visit her every week to read scriptures with her because she can´t read and took her to church. But then he got married and moved away and there wasn´t anyone who came to take her to church. She can barely walk and doesn´t have a phone so she was just waiting for someone to come and visit her and yeah, we showed up! It was awesome. So we brought her to church, she was all ready to go when we got there, and now theres a family that will be bringing her to church every week now! I´d call that a pretty big success this week. 

Well, not much else happened this week. We don´t have any new investigators yet but hopefully this week. 

Well I´m glad to know that it´s wasn´t just hot here but i´m pretty sure it´s around 100 every day here. We´re drinking lots and lots of water, don´t worry. 

I love you all at home and hope you have a wonderfull week! 

With much love,
Elder Warren

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