Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 11

July 1st, 2013

Well this week had some pretty cool stuff happen! I got to go on an intercambio (I forgot what it´s called in English.. splits? something like that) with Elder Hoffman, who is one of the zone leaders. If you remember, when Elder Pagaza went home, I was in a trio with the zone leaders for about a week and a half so I´ve been his companion before. But I still learned a lot from him that I dont think I really realized when I was his companion. He is a very good teacher. He teaches with the spirit and is very direct. We arrive at a less active´s house and the first thing he asks is why don´t you come to church? Then listens to their excusses, because thats all they really are. There are 2 different less actives, those who never really developed their testimony very well and those that know it´s true, maybe even went to the temple, but got offended or are just lazy. If they have a week testimony, we have to be loving and help them restrengthen their testimony, but if they don´t go because they got offended, you have to be a little harder on them. ´´So when you have to stand before God in the last day, and he asks you why you didn´t go to church when you knew it was true, your going to say it´s because someone offended you?´´ This is people´s salvation. It´s not a joke. I also learned a lot about how to contact people. You have to be persistent. Even if they want to keep walking, you follow them and share your message with them. 

I´ve been getting pretty good at contacts in my opinion. I can always get better but yeah. I have this awesome thing that I say now because we invite everyone to get baptised in the first contact in the street and the number 1 thing people say is, I was baptised catholic. Then I ask, ´´and how has that baptism made you a better person or changed your life?´´ ´´uhhhhh I don´t know.´´ ´´ Well I know that this baptism will change your life for the better because it changed my life. When can we visit you and your family to share this message?´´ ´´oh well this day ...´´ and yeah. You have to be powerfull and we have to use the authority that we only have while we are missionaries. Also, if they are trying to walk away because they are in a hurry just say, I know your in a hurry but this is your eternal salvation. 

So that was an awesome day with Elder Hoffman. The more I do this mission thing, the more I realize that you really have to put everything you have into it or it´s not going to work very well. 

Okay you had lots of questions this week so here we go. Yes I love missionary work, but it is frustrating at times. It´s hot here. And lots of dust. Theres about 30 something active members of our branch but over 200 members I think. We have about 5 or 6 good families but it would be nice to have more. What Did you guys think about the conference on missionary work? We could definitely use more help from the members. Usually people work in a factory of grocery store or something like that. There aren´t many people with carreers here.  But yeah, thats México! 

Hope you guys are all doing well at home! Just remember that the work is hastening! And the missionaries can´t do it themselves! Our main should not be finding, it should be teaching. In a perfect world, we would spend all of our time going from lesson to lesson of people the members brought to us. Help the missionaries!

I love you so much, hope you have a great week!

Elder Warren

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