Monday, July 15, 2013

Yay Missionary Work!

July 15th, 2013

Hey! Well this week was pretty cool! =) First of all, we found a less active, well Inactive haha. He got baptised about 13 or 15 years ago and only went to church for about 3 months because he began to start drinking and doing drugs again. When we visited him, he told us that he had been sober for 2 years now from alcohol and drugs. He goes to AA meeting every day now which is great! The only thing is that now his family is happily Catholic. He doesn´t remember anything from what the missionaries taught him and doesn´t have any sort of testimony or anything. So we invited him to go to church, but he didn´t go. We´ll keep trying with him. His name is Salvador. 

Also, we´ve been working with Jesus a lot. I don´t know how much I´ve told about him but he is awesome, I really do love him. Sometimes he is frustrating because he will start talking and talk for like 15 minutes about something that doesn´t really have to do with what we are talking about. Also, he is still a little confused about why he needs to associate with one church and not just believe in Christ and do good things. We are going to explain the restauration a bit better because this is ultimatly the unique message of our church and the reason why there is only one true church. I realize that this email goes to some of my friends at home also. This isn´t to say that we are ´´against´´ other churches or anything like that. Only that we know that we have the same authority, or preisthood, that Jesus Christ had on the Earth and gave to his apostles so that they could then baptise and give the gift of the holy Ghost. This is the unique message of our religeon. But Jesus is progressing very well. He loves to read the pamphlets we give him and is going to church and always has questions which is great because then he learns!

This Sunday was a bit frustrating because we had plans to help 10 people get to church. Not very many people have cars here and investigators are much more likely to go to church if someone picks them up. But no one was able to help pick up investigators.. We were only able to go and get 1, Jesus. It was really sad especially because we went to visit one of the less actives we were going to have a ride for, his name is Ivan and is 16 I think and his parents aren´t members so he doesn´t like to go to church much because they don´t go so he hasn´t gone to church in who knows how long. We invited him to church last week and he said he would go so we told him we are gonna get a ride for him. We went to visit him after church and he told us he had his white shirt ironed and his beat up book of mormon and the family hymn book in a bag to bring. Oh I felt terrible.. Please please please, if you can help the missionaries, do it! Also, get to know investigators! That was in the missionary broadcast that was a couple weeks ago and one of the apostles said, As members of this church, we need to know our investigators! There are only 2 or 3 people that know Jesus and he´s been going for 3 weeks now. The first time you see an investigator, introduce yourself and be friendly and talk with them! It´s not just the missionary´s investigator, it´s everyone´s investigator! 

But this week went generally well, one more week until transferes, I´m pretty sure that Elder Parra and I are gonna stay here though. 

I hope everything is going well at home, It´s nice to hear about whats happening up there in good old New York. Where it´s nice and cool. ahhh. haha. Pues, Hasta Luego! Les amo bastante! 

Elder Warren

PS Oh yeah! So we also taught this family that is living with family in texas half the week and here in Mexico for the other half of the week and they have been comming to church.  They aren´t members. They listened to the missionaries like 5 years ago when the lived in Illinois. The awesome part is, the kids speak English! Like, better than they can speak spanish! So in the lesson, I taught them in English! It was wonderfull to talk English, but very dificult!! It´s not to hard to write in English but my mouth wasn´t used to talking in English at all haha. I said the prayer in English and said things like por favor, te damos gracias, and things like that haha. It was really dificult. It´s awesome to see the gift of tounges working! Oh yeah, and I pretty much understand everything now =)

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