Monday, August 26, 2013

another week in the house

August 19th, 2013

Week two in house. I'm telling you, I will be so glad when I can walk in the hot sun again. For a plus, the family that lives under us was doing some construction the other day so I was able to go out and dig some holes and make some cement Mexican style. This means that you have really fine rocks, almost like sand, then your rocks like the size of marbles or so, but much more rough, in a huge circle out in the street. You then put the cement stuff which is super fine rock, like powder. Then you get some buckets and throw lots of water in this circle with a diameter of about 12-15 feet. then you start mixing with a shovel. And one person has a wheelbarrel, two people shovel the mixed cement in the wheelbarrel, and two more are mixing the cement with their shovels. This is kind of sad that I'm taking this much time to write about how we made cement, but this was the highlight of my week.

That's not true actually. There is a less active family that I have been teaching now for 2 months and yesterday was their second Sunday in a row that they went to church with the whole family. There really isn't anything that makes me more happy than that. Also, I was looking at the branch list of members, and his three oldest children can be baptised! We're going to have some baptisms soon. As soon as my companion can walk again.. He's going to therapy now every day. Today was his second day. Still can't walk. It's kind of frustrating because I just want to go out and work, but I can't. Also I'm loosing my tan. I burnt up like crazy the day I made concrete. 

I guess the good think is that I'm using this time to study the scriptures very in depth. I'm reading Revelations right now in connection with Doctrine and Covenants and the revelations that relate to Revelations. I'm actually making an outline of the book Revelations. It's reminding me of that time I had to outline the book about sugar for AP World History. I guess high school did teach me something useful after all.

It's good to hear from you family! Glad things went well at scout camp and that Kirk and Eric are progressing well with their Scouting! It really is a good thing to do and fun also! Try and make scouts as fun as it can be for them because I remember when I didn't want to do scouts, it was because it wasn't fun. 

Good luck speaking in Warsaw! Well I mean you already did, but it's good to see you working in your calling Dad. I actually know some people from Warsaw that went to Fredonia. 

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week everyone and can make it more exciting than my week was haha. 

With Love,
Elder Warren 

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