Monday, September 23, 2013


September 23rd, 2013

Well, we had three baptisms this week! It was really awesome! It was so nice to see the dad baptise three of his children. It really is a miracle that they have come back so strong. The program was great, there was even a special number by the children of the primary that almost made me cry. They sang, well I don`t remember the name, but it`s the one that goes, I like to look for rainbows, whenever there is rain. Really awesome. I`ll be sending pictures to you of that family. If I ever come back to Mèxico, I`m definitaly going to go visit them. I could tell also that the father felt really great and the kids also haha.
Other than that this week wasn`t too fantastic. We have a less active family that has a lot of non members and we`ve been trying to get them to come to church now for 3 weeks. Every week they said that they would come, but they haven`t assisted since then. Satan is working very hard with the people here to keep people from coming to church.
I`ve been thinking a lot about how I can improve as a missionary and just as a person in general. Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel is a wonderfull tool for this. there`s a person test you can take at the very end of the chapter to help your evaluate yourself and then each topic more in depth to help you improve in the areas in which you are weak.
Something I`ve realized this week, or re-realized, is that we are always improving. There isn`t a point in the which we have become as good as we can be. This is also true to our conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we grow stronger in the gospel, we become firmer in our faith and conviction to ``do good continually.`` The people of King Benjamin experienced this type of conversion in Mosiah 5:2-5. They believed through the holy ghost on the words of their King and desired to do good so much that they made a covenant with God to remember him always and always keep the commandments, which happens to be the same covenant we make in baptism. I think we all need to work on improving ourselves so much that we have a desire to do good, not only the obligation. I`m still working on that in certain areas, and I think we all are, but I know that we can improve continually if we remember our Lord, who we need daily as a sustinence.
I hope you all had  a great week and continue to grow spiritually!
With much love,
Elder Warren

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