Monday, September 2, 2013


September 2nd, 2013

Yup that´s right, there´s.... dang I forgot how you say it in English.. Hold on.. TRANSFERS! thats the word. Well are you ready? Someone from my area is leaving and.. it´s... NOT ME! haha. My companion, Elder Millán, will be going to a place called Valle Hermosa, which here in the mission at least is called the city of three lies. It´s not a city, it´s not in a vally, and it´s not lovely haha. But yeah, thats how it is. I´m still here in good old Monterreal. Kind of sad because I wanted to leave a little bit but good because I get to be here for the baptism of the kids of the family that is reactivating. 

So I found out that they haven´t been to church in about 6 years. Now, because of us, the whole family is going and their kids are getting baptised!! How awesome huh? 

This week not much happened. We found two new people but when we went back for out appointment with them, they didn´t answer the door. It´s a bit frustrating but it´s how it is here. We were talking with a return missionary that lives below us and was telling us how in his mission, they had baptisms almost every week. Down in the south by Veracruz. The people here have much harder hearts, like Americans haha. I think it´s because we´re so close to the United States that the people here are actually a lot like people over there. 

Okay, story time. This is one of those stories that I will always remember because it was something crazy haha. Okay so my companion had to go to Matamoros for his last visit to the doctor. So we go to the bus station, now usually we have these little papers that let us get free tickets, but we ran out. So we had to buy our own tickets and get reimbursed later. Now remember this is at the very end of the month, so we didn´t have too much money. So we arrive in Matamoros, go to the doctor, everythings fine, we go to leave, but the last bus for Rio Brava, where we live, had already left. Because my companion didn´t want to sleep with the elders we were told to sleep with if we had to stay the night in Matamoros, he wanted to leave. So we decided to buy a bus dirrect to Reynosa, which passes by Rio Bravo. But we had to buy the tickets. The tickets were 100 pesos each. We pulled out all of the money that we had with us, and it equalled 200.70 pesos! Whew. So we bought the tickets with the plan to get off the bus on the highway outside Rio Bravo then walk home, which we weren´t sure could happen because they said it depends on the driver if he´ll let you off on the highway, but he did! So thats our crazy travel story. We went on a dirrect from Matamoros to Reynosa with 70 cents of pesos which is about 5 cents in American money, then walked about 5 Kilometros to our house. There are some pictures to come.

Well that was about my week right there. I hope you are all having a wonderfull week at home and don´t forget to support the missionaries!! They will love you for it! =)

With much love,
Elder Warren

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