Monday, September 9, 2013

New Companion!

September 9th, 2013

Well this week was actually really awesome, probably one of the best weeks I´ve ever had here in the mission. Well my new companion is Elder Amador. And he is awesome. He is so loving and kind to everyone. He is also really good at talking to people, which is something that I still struggle with. I think I´ve been making the excuse that it´s because I still don´t talk spanish very well, which I think maybe is partly true, but before I was also not very good at talking to people, especially people that I met for the first time, but I´m working on it. 

We found lots of new people this week, 9! A lot of the investigators are whats called a partial family, where part of the family members are members of the church and others aren´t. Most of these partial familes are less active at the moment, but we´re working with them. The three kids that I told you about that are in the family that is re-activating are still on for the baptism. We´re going to wait another two weeks so that the dad can be ready to perform the baptisms! I´m really excited for it!

I don´t really understand how or why it happened, but the work began to explode this week! I´m really excited for this transfer. 

Now I´m trying to think of a funny story for you..Oh well it did rain this week. A lot. Oh well firstly, we were walking in the morning on Friday, like we do every morning, and there was a little walled in garden and the wall reached up to about mid thigh. Oh, and it´s in the middle of a sidewalk. Mexico. but on this wall they have some like barb like things to keep birds from making nests there. But yeah, we were walking and all of a sudden, I hear RRRRIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPP. I look down, and my pants are ripped from my pocket down below my knee. It was horrible. But we kept going because we had an appointment with the kids of the family that´s re-activating. So we kept going over there, my companion shielding my right leg as we walked. I had hoped that the mom of the kids there could give me some safety pins or something, but she was asleep when we got to the house. Long story short, we didn´t find anyone that could fix my pants until we arrived at the house of the member that was feeding us that day. Oh yeah, and it rained a lot. The equivalent of if I was under that big barrel of water at Sea Breeze when it tips over. So the hermana gave me some pants of her son and she is fixing my pants at the moment. So it ended well but it was interesting. 

I really am learning a lot here about what life really means. Sometimes when I think about it, being on a mission still feels like a dream. I´m really used to doing this but it feels surreal when I really think about what I´m doing and how I only have these two years, now 18 months to do it. When I come back home, I will come back with all of the knowledge I´ve gained, but I won´t have the same authority or responsibilities that I have now. Thats why I have to do everything I can now and enjoy the time that I´m a missionary. 

Thanks for all of your love and support. And It´s great that you took the missionaries to the beach, but I ment more like go with them in a lesson of an investigator or less actives. Miracles in the work of salvation don´t happen without the help of the members! 

Hope you all have a wonderful week back at home!

Elder Warren  

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