Monday, September 30, 2013

One more week

September 30th, 2013

Well this week went pretty well. The three kids of the Lopez Castillo family were confirmed in church yesterday and there were a good number of Less actives that showed up! The mom of one of our investigators, who is less active, went to church with her daughter! I was so happy because the three weeks before there was a different excuse for why they didn´t go but this week they finally went! Also a less active named Hugo that we found this week went to church! Miracles really are happening! Yesterday, we decided to visit a teenager that has talked to me in the street a couple times because she speaks almost pure English but visits México on the weekends. We went to teach her and her family and it turns out that her mom is an inactive member! haha and the kids didn´t even know. They are super prepared. The have a lot of experiences with God, mostly the parents, but like the father is an alcoholic and went to AA and was telling us how we have to accept that there is a God more powerfull than us and that when you have an addiction like that, you have to rely on his help. The only bad part is that we can only visit them on Saturday and Sunday. But the good part is that when we invited them to church, they usually go to a catholic church, but the father was like, Sure we´ll go to their church next week, why not? Which was awesome! I just hope he ment it. Oh yeah, and the whole lesson was in English! My poor companion barely talked but it was fun to do almost a whole lesson by myself haha. 

For those of you worried about safety, health, or whatnot, don´t worry! I´m absolutly fine. It rained pretty good for about two weeks but it dries up pretty quick here. It´s been pretty calm here to in terms of like violence so don´t worry about that either. Missionaries are always protected from things like that if they are being obedient. (which I am, don´t worry)

We had some pretty spiritualy lessons this week. Actually, I think the most spiritual lessons that we did have were those where a member acompanied us (ahem.) But I really did learn something from that. The members sometimes, actually almost all the time, can relate better with the people we´re teaching than us missionaries can. 

Well I hope you are all doing well at home, enjoying weather that doesn´t make you sweat every day and watching the leaves turn all pretty. Could you maybe send me a picture of our house? Every time I say I´m from New York, people freak out because they think I´m from the city haha. 

I love you all very much and pray for you daily! Have a great week!

Elder Warren

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