Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference!

October 7th, 2013

Well this week started out pretty interesting. This Monday started out with getting sick. Don´t worry I´m totally fine now, but I had a temperature going so we went and bought medicine and I went and slept almost all of tuesday and wednesday. Thursday we worked a little but still didn´t feel great and worked all day Friday and by the end of the day didn´t feel to great. I´ve realized how important being in good health is for missionaries. I really did not feel like being a missionary when I was sick. I hated feeling that way too. But now I feel better! On to more happy news.

The family I told you about last week where the kids speak English went to church on Sunday! It was awesome! I´m not sure how much they liked it, I think they were a little bored because It was two hours of sitting listening to old guys talking and if you don´t really have an invested interest in who they are or what they are saying I could see how it could be pretty boring. We didn´t have the chance to teach them again that day to really ask them how it went so we have to wait until next Saturday. 

So I don´t think I told you last week but my companion is probably going home early at the end of this transfer. He has some back problems and he can chose to go home on time and wait for a surgury and they church won´t pay for it, or he can go home 2 months early and the church insurance will cover the cost of the surgury so he´s going home now. Soo that means that I am most likely going to be in Rio Bravo again. It seems like I´ve been here forever haha. Well now about 1/4 of my mission so it has been a while but I´d like to get to see some other places. Maybe President Morales will send some new missionaries in, who knows. 

Something pretty cool today is that there are a ton of butterflies here! Because all the butterflies go to México for the winter so there´s literally thousands of them flying around! It´s pretty awesome. 

So the General Conference was pretty cool! On Sunday we got to watch it in English but on Saturday it was in Spanish. I´m pretty sure I got mostly all of it but it was a little easier to zone out at times (I was still a little sick to my credit.) But there were many great messages in this session and the spirit was felt very strongly. Saturday was really focused on the work of salvation which I love, I just hope everyone was able to hear and apply it. 

I hope all of you have a great week this week! Enjoy the changing leaves and such! It was pretty cool here yesterday, like I was comfortable with my Jacket. 

With love,
Elder Warren

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