Monday, October 28, 2013

Never stop learning!

October 28th, 2013

This week was... interesting.. It had it´s good moments and it´s bad. But we´re going to talk about the good moments!!

We have an amazing investigator, his name is Angel. He is very good.. Very good.. friends with one of the young women. He is super amazing. We were able to visit him in his house this week and my companion was like, Wow, He´s awesome! And I was like, Yeah I know!! He is really responsible and is really searching this religeon for himself. He is making honest efforts to assist sacrament meeting, only that his work is saturday night in another city. But he´s been able to go once and he loved it. I really hope I stay here long enough to see his baptism. I know, one moment I want to leave and now that I´ve been here 7 months, I don´t want to go haha. 
But something that I admired in him was his interest really in learning. Something that we as missionaries have to focus on is leaving commitments with people. Members, inactives, or investigators. We don´t progress, unless we keep commitments. There´s a magic formula that we use as missionaries to make a commitment with someone. First, ask if they will do something, in the most dirrect way possible, such as ¨will you go to church this Sunday?¨ or ¨will you read the book of Mormon and pray  to ask if it is true?¨ Ask questions that require yes or no, and don´t accept any other answer. Then, make a promise with them. This part is a little different with missionaries that with normal members because we have been set apart to be able to make promises to people. Saying things such as, ´´as representatives of Jesus Christ, we can promise you that if you pray for an answer....´´ like that. Then we bear our testimony about the thing that we are commiting them to do. Then we verify when they are going to do it. Jesus Christ taught with commitments. The New Testament is filled with commitments. But because Jesus Christ isn´t here to make commitments in person with our investigators, we have been sent as his representatives to help people grow spiritually. 

Angel demostrated this perfectly. We asked him to read 3 Nephi 11 for our next visit. When we returned, he we verified his commitment to read that chapter. He said, ´´oh yeah, I read it. Actually I read it like 3 times so I could understand it better. It was actually really cool how Jesus Christ came down and all the people went to him.....´´ And explained the whole chapter to us. We asked him questions to help him focus on the parts that were most important to him in this moment, like Baptism, and it went very well. 

When we keep commitments, wheather they come from our home/visiting teachers, the prophet or other leaders of the church, the scriptures, or from ourselves, when we keep these commitments is when we grow spiritually. I can promise to all of you, as a representative of Jesus Christ, that as we keep our commitments that we have made with our Heavenly Father, keep the commitments that the Prophet has asked us, and keep the commitments that the prophets of old, including Jesus Christ have asked of us in the scriptures, that your relationship will grow closer to God. That you will feel the spirit more abundantly in your life. That you will be able to experience real joy and peace that only come through living the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I hope everything is going well at home and that you all have a wonderfull, spiritually uplifting week!

With much love,
Elder Warren

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