Monday, November 18, 2013

A week of new investigators!

November 18th, 2013

This week we were able to find 5 new investigators!! This has really been a challenge for us lately. We are now recieving more references from people and went back and found some old investigators. Angel is still doing great. Went to church yesterday and we moved his baptism date up to november 30 so that he can go to the temple one week later on December 7th! He´s super ready and prepared, he just needs to go to church a couple more times. 

Cool story time. Okay, so about a week ago, we recieved a call from a missionary in Reynosa that had a reference for us, just the name and phone number. So we called her that night, didn´t answer. We waited about a week, I think we forgot about it, and called her again. She answered, this was Saturday, and said, well is it alright if we meet at church? Sure! we said. Didn´t show up to church when it started at 9. But she showed up at 11! We went in another sacrament meeting for a branch that starts at 11 and then they went in the classes of that Branch for that day. She brought her boyfriend with her. We planned to visit her at 6:30 that night. we started a lesson at 5:30 and it went on, and on, and on, and on. We didn´t leave till 7ish and I was a little ticked off that we wasted so much time. Sure this sister needed our help, but it was a lot of time. We quickly went to the house of Karime is her name, and found her boyfriend outside the house because he was locked out. He had left the house then Karime went to go buy some groceries I guess and took the keys with her. We talked with him for like 2 minutes and then Karime showed up. Later in the lesson she was talking about how they had talked about prayer in gospel principles class andshe was praying really hard that she would be able to get home before we showed up because she was running late and missed one of the busses. It´s really amazing how the lord directs and guides us in our lives. Lots of times, we feel frustrated when God starts to guide us, like I was after the hour and a half lesson, but we need to realize that he knows everything. And if he´s planning something for us, we need to accept it. Also, lots of times, we don´t realize we are being, or have been guided by God, until after it has happened! I really learned a lot from that. Trust in the will of the Lord. Now, we just have to work out a few kinks between them because they are living together but aren´t married. Karime is an inactive and her boyfriend, Edgar is an investigator, but the both of them are really ready to learn!

I hope that all of you are having, and had a wonderful week!! Until next week!!

Elder Warren

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