Monday, November 11, 2013


November 11th, 2013

Umm yeah.. you probably received a few extra emails but yeah.. 

This week we had a baptism!! wooo We were able to finally baptise Nallely! In the pictures are her mom and her nephew that is two years older that her. It´s kind of weird but hey. I was really excited for her! I just really hope that they will keep going to church because the other six daughters of her mom were baptised too but now all are inactive. We´re going to have to keep visiting them for a while to make sure that they don´t fall away. 

We also visited Angle a lot this week. He´s so awesome haha. He´s progressing very well also. He couldn´t go to church this week for an emergency in the family but he is really excited about the church. He was actually asking us when the next temple trip is because he wants to go and do temple work! So we might be baptising him in november 30th!! 

The problem that we have now is that we aren´t finding many new investigators.. We have recieved some references but when we go to visit them, they aren´t at home or something happens that we can´t find people in their home. We´re really going to focus on finding new investigators this week. Hopefully the members will be able to help us out. 

Oh yesterday in church, President Morales and his wife suprised us with a visit to our Branch. They gave some really great talks in Sacrament meeting and then in the sunday school class, the topic was every member a missionary. It was so perfect, I still don´t believe it. But sister Morales was in the class and a question was asked, How can we help the full time missionaries? And there were things like, Oh give them food! Give them a ride somewhere! Then the teacher asked Sister Morales and she was like, Well that´s easy, give them a reference! Go and teach with them! Basically told them that if the Branch isn´t growing, it isn´t the fault of the missionaries, it´s the fault of the members. All the people in the class were just like ... oh... haha. I hope it helps though. 

Everything is going good here though, I got a little runny nose the other day but I´m recovering. The weather has actually gotten pretty cold lately, but I love it!

Hope everything is going great for all of you on ´´the other side´´ as they call it here haha. Love you all!

Elder Warren

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