Monday, December 23, 2013

Week one with Elder Cordoba

December 23rd, 2013

Well what I can say is that this week was much better than the other three weeks I was here with Elder Ayala. I don't like to say it, but I'm glad I have a new companion now. Elder Cordoba is pretty cool. We're working super hard here because there was almost no work from Elder Ayala. I felt bad that he had to come here to that but we are making some progress. Monday, and Tuesday had nothing. We were walking all day those days searching for less actives, old investigators, references, and anyone who would take a second to hear us and we found nothing.. Thursday we went to a reference of our ward mission leader and found a new investigator!! Finally haha. 

On Friday, we had our christmas party for the missionaries in the morning. We had a devotional and played a couple of games, one of them was pretty interesting where each zone got different colored balloons and you tied one to each leg, then you go and try to pop the balloons of the other zones. It was a balloon popping war and it got pretty intense in parts. Then we ate and president gave us each a present. I got a J. Garcia tie, which made me think a lot of my dad haha. Dad, I promise you can have the tie when I come home haha. 

Then my comanion had to do two baptismal interviews for the district then we went to the ward christmas party and when we got there the asked us to sing something so we sang silent night in three part harmonies because one of the Elders in the ward sings bass really well and I sung tenor. 

Then on Saturday. Oh pure power. We found three new investigators! One was an old investigator from other missionaries, another her niece, and the third, another reference from our ward mission leader. Ah what a great day. 

On Sunday we had an interesting lesson with the relative of the old investigator. We returned for our second visit and read 3 Nephi 11. Then we asked her if she believes in God. Just about everyone we talk to here in México, believes, even if it´s only a little, in God. She sat thinking and said, ´´hmm, no one has ever asked me that before. I´m not sure. I don´t know if he does exist or if he doesn´t.´´  When the missionaries went to her house before, she would sit in the lesson for maybe 5 minutes then go up to her room. But this time, she stayed for all of the lesson. I think she is reallizing that it´s a question that she needs to answer. We asked her how she felt after we had read and explained the chapter and she said, ´´I don´t know why but I feel like good. Peacefull like not stressed out.´´ The power of the Book of Mormon ladies and gentlemen. I am confident that she is going to be able to recieve her answer as to weather there is a God or no. Ahh It feels good to be a missionary haha. 
(If any of you haven´t read 3 Nephi 11 recently, or ever.. DO IT!! That includes you guys too. You know who I´m talking to.. And pay attention to how you feel when you read it. When the Holy Ghost testifies something to us, he does it through how we feel. So when you ask, Why do I feel so good when all I did was read a little part of this book?? Well there´s your answer. The holy ghost testifies of things that are true. Thats your homework for this weekend. To pay attention to how you are feeling after you read that chapter).

Well I hope that you all have a wonderfull christmas and are able to feel the christmas spirit! 

May God bless you all and have a wonderfull week!

Elder Warren

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