Monday, January 27, 2014


Some awesome hamburgers that we ate on Saturday. I think it´s the best hamburger that I´ve had in México. I know that the mayority of my photos are of food, but I only take pictures of things that are important.

Notice the loss of hair in the photo of me eating the burger. I saw the photo and was like Dannggg.

Love Yall and be jealous of the Méxican food!

Frustration and Blessings!

January 27th, 2014

Wow. So this week was pretty sweet. Parts of it made me sad, others tired, and others very happy. Let me tell you a little bit about what happened this week. Soo we did something new nd interesting this week; we had exchanges! I went with an Elder (like from elders quorum), and my companion with another. We have a couple investigators that are only available after 7. Soo to save time and be more efficient, we split up and had 4 lessons with a member between 7and 9 on tuesday and thursday which was pretty sweet!

So tuesday morning, the Sobrevilla family called us.. The dad told us that they don´t want to recieve visits anymore. That they are having some difficult situations and felt that that was their answer. It really felt sad to hear that they weren´t able to accept the gospel, but it wasn´t their time yet. Someday, they will be ready and they´ll remember the first missionaries that talked to them (I hope haha). 

In general, we had lots of set backs or dificulties with our investigators in this week. Some that said, They aren´t going to be able to go to church and don´t have time right now to attend us, some that didn´t go to church, one who needs to get married and her husband was going to come home this weekend, but now it´s for another 8 weeks. Various things of the nature that made things a little difficult. 

The happy part was sunday! Except for the people who didn´t go to church. Lot´s of less actives went for the first time in a long time yesterday! 7 just from our area of the ward! My whole mission, I´ve felt like I´ve always done more with the less actives than with pure investigators. I don´t know if that´s good or bad. 

We´re working with a family where there is a father, and 4 kids less active, and his wife isn´t a member. They´ve come to church twice now and the mother and father have told us that bassically that we teach better than the other missionaries that taught them before did. Like, we explain things better and I think they were able to feel more the spirit. It feels nice to hear that people honestly tell you that you are a good missionary. 

We´ve gotten various complements from the members as well in how we are working. You can tell when the ward is supporting you when they give you references of their friends that they haven´t given before hand, when they want to go and help you and work with you, and they just feel happy around you. I think I´m gonna miss that a little bit when I´m no longer a missionary, is influince I will have on the members of my ward. Obviously I´ll still have an influence, but it won´t be as strong. 

But yeah, I think that´s about it for now. Hope you all are having a great day and continue to have a wonderfull week!

Elder Warren

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This week flew by!

January 20th, 2014

Yup. I feels like two days ago, I was here writting to you guys. really. It´s scarry. But it´s good because we a lot of work this week too! We didn´t find quite as many new people, but we were able to be following up on the people that we were teaching. Sunday was awesome! Lot´s of people went to church! Not all of the people that we would like, but it felt nice to see the people that did go. 

So the people that could go to church were, Kayla, who is an investigator, and her grandmother who is less active and went for the first time in a long time. The parents of the family Trujillo. One is less active, and the other investigator. A member invited a family of 3 and they came. They don´t live in our ward but it was nice to see them there, and  less active from young men´s. Woo!

Soo this family that I keep talking about. This week we found out that they have been looking the Mormons up on the internet and they found things that they didn´t like. Obviously because there is a ton of anti mormon material in the inernet so they had a lot of questions that don´t really have anything to do with what they need to know. We watched with them a video of the testimony of Elder Holland of the Book of Mormon that is by far I think one of my favorite talks ever. It is so powerfull the way he speaks and testifies. After watching that they were like, oh.. okay. Like not completely convinced but I think it helped them understand that Joseph Smith wasn´t a bad person. Also, we were going to watch the movie The Restauration that´s an hour long that they play in the visitor center yesterday, but they weren´t home. It´s going to help them understand why Joseph Smith was so heavely persecuted because they have lots of questions about that. If he was a prophet, why did people try to kill him? Which really doesn´t make all that much sense because all of the religeous reformers in history were persecuted but anyway. 

So that´s them, in other news, umm, oh yeah. So we had a multi zone conference with President Morales and his wife. Actually, they´re going to feed us today! The cool things that happen when your mission president assists your ward. But anyway, he was talking to us about a lot of things, but one of the things that stuck out most to me that I wanted to share with you guys is when he was talking about Repentance. How he hears from a lot of missionaries, i´ve changed now, I´m going to do things right now, but then one month later, they are back to the way they were. One of the things he told us is that when we really repent, we get rid of entirely the desire to do evil or bad things. Sometimes we think we´ve repented, but we still wish we could do the bad thing that we stopped doing. If you still want to do it, you haven´t repented. An indicator that he gave us is that after a person has really repented, they have a different glow in their face. Like they look like they are a new person. I feel like I have been able to truly repent of a lot of things on my mission. I really think that when I come home, that you´ll probably see something different in my face, and I´m not just talking about facial hair. I would like that all of you could think of that and think how you could become a better person and make the process of repentence a habit in your life daily. I can promise that you will feel more joy and  release of the weight of sin when you can really repent of your sins. That was somthing that caught my attention along with some other things but yeah. 

Well I hope you are all having a wonderful week over there in New York or wherever you people are that end up reading this. 

Elder Warren

Monday, January 13, 2014

A good week of work.

January 13th, 2014

Soo this week was super tireing! We are having tons of lessons! The area presidency has made the goal that we have to have 40 to 60 lessons each week. This week we had 13 lessons with a member present, 4 without, and 7 with less actives. That was a lot for us! We also found 9 new investigators! Another goal that we have is to have 12 people recieving the lessons at a time and 3 baptisms each month. It`s pretty crazy, but we can do it! This month of January, we`re hoping for 2 baptisms. But In Feburary, we are going a lot more! Like 5 we`re thinking. I hope that we can do that.
So something pretty awesome happened on Sunday! We had our stake conference. Actually, all of the stakes in the northern part of Mexico had a stake conference and there was a special satelite transmission just for us ! One of the presidents of the seventy talked, the second counselor of the young womens presidency, and Elder Cristopherson and Elder Robert D Hales. The coolest was that Elder Christopherson talks spanish super well! Like better than me I think. They all talked about the work of Salvation and the importance of families. It was pretty cool.
So the family that I always talk about. They haven`t progressed too much. They weren`t able to go to church again this week but we were able to visit them 2 or 3 times I think this week and basically focused on the importance of the Book of Mormon. We are going to focus now more in depth on the importance and role of prophets, the importance of the priesthood to do ordinances, and the great apostasy. Hopefully this will help the dad progress a little better. The mom, we know is starting to recieve her answer. She is a bit less stiff necked haha. At the end of the last two lessons, she did the prayer. We asked her to ask if the Book of Mormon and what we are teaching is true, and she asked super specifically which was awesome. At the end of the last lesson, we saw that she had tears in her eyes, so we`re pretty sure she`s really close to getting her answer.
Well, don`t have more time because the internet went down where I was writting and now we have to go eat. But Hope you all have a wonderfull week!!

Elder Warren

Monday, January 6, 2014

Moving forward in the Lord's work!

January 6th, 2014

Wow so it was a pretty good week. We were able to find a couple new investigators, one of them another family that seems really good, but we weren´t able to find them more than once and I was on exchanges that day, so I really don´t know them. 

The other family I told you about last week, the family Sobrevilla, is hanging in there. We´ve found out what their difficulty is, and maybe you folks can help. So the family is Catholic by tradition. Or you could say less active catholics. They were married there and their kids were baptised there but they almost never go to church. They are both accountants and educated and know the bible. The father is afraid to change. He likes to listen to us but he isn´t too sure that he wants to change to actually become a Mormon. We invited him to church again and said, we´re gonna take this slow then said that they weren´t going to go to church this week. The mom and the kids wanted to go, but he didn´t.  We´re focussing a ton on the book of Mormon, that they can read it and start to gain a tesimony because then all the other ´´rules´´ that we have will make sense and they will recognize that they are commandments of God, and not just rules. 

But maybe you could comment how you felt or knew that the church was true? Was it more before or after you were baptised? What made you make the decision to be Baptised? And what can we do as missionaries better to be able to help people arrive at this decision. Ask these to all the people you can! More converts but everyone! I´d love to hear what you have to say so that I can be a better missionary. 

We´re trying to give this family lots of friends in the church too because they really are awesome, they just need to get their answer. 

in other news, Happy New Years! ¡Feliz Año! So let me tell you a little bit about how new years is in México. First of all, there´s lots of food. Families get together and they have dinners. They make lots of food, wether it´s like a barbque or tamales or turkey. Whatever it is, there´s a lot of it and with a Méxican twist. From what I saw, it´s celebrated more than Christmas here. So just about everyone is drinking and lighting fireworks, because it´s México and anyone can buy fireworks. Then at midnight, fireworks start going of like crazy, and then there´s also a lot of gunshots too. They´ll just unload a whole clip on automatic, reload, and do it again until they´re bored. But that´s México for ya haha. (Don´t worry, we were safe in our house at midnight).

Oh yeah, so an investigator that has been going to church for two years now is probably going to get baptised this Saturday, or the next! She was married, but for something with the papers to go to the United States, the got divorced and never re married, but she´s going to get married this week! Blessings from Heaven!! Reminds me of someone I know haha. 

Hope you all are having a wonderfull time in 2014 and I wish the best for all of you!!

Elder Warren