Monday, January 13, 2014

A good week of work.

January 13th, 2014

Soo this week was super tireing! We are having tons of lessons! The area presidency has made the goal that we have to have 40 to 60 lessons each week. This week we had 13 lessons with a member present, 4 without, and 7 with less actives. That was a lot for us! We also found 9 new investigators! Another goal that we have is to have 12 people recieving the lessons at a time and 3 baptisms each month. It`s pretty crazy, but we can do it! This month of January, we`re hoping for 2 baptisms. But In Feburary, we are going a lot more! Like 5 we`re thinking. I hope that we can do that.
So something pretty awesome happened on Sunday! We had our stake conference. Actually, all of the stakes in the northern part of Mexico had a stake conference and there was a special satelite transmission just for us ! One of the presidents of the seventy talked, the second counselor of the young womens presidency, and Elder Cristopherson and Elder Robert D Hales. The coolest was that Elder Christopherson talks spanish super well! Like better than me I think. They all talked about the work of Salvation and the importance of families. It was pretty cool.
So the family that I always talk about. They haven`t progressed too much. They weren`t able to go to church again this week but we were able to visit them 2 or 3 times I think this week and basically focused on the importance of the Book of Mormon. We are going to focus now more in depth on the importance and role of prophets, the importance of the priesthood to do ordinances, and the great apostasy. Hopefully this will help the dad progress a little better. The mom, we know is starting to recieve her answer. She is a bit less stiff necked haha. At the end of the last two lessons, she did the prayer. We asked her to ask if the Book of Mormon and what we are teaching is true, and she asked super specifically which was awesome. At the end of the last lesson, we saw that she had tears in her eyes, so we`re pretty sure she`s really close to getting her answer.
Well, don`t have more time because the internet went down where I was writting and now we have to go eat. But Hope you all have a wonderfull week!!

Elder Warren

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