Monday, January 27, 2014

Frustration and Blessings!

January 27th, 2014

Wow. So this week was pretty sweet. Parts of it made me sad, others tired, and others very happy. Let me tell you a little bit about what happened this week. Soo we did something new nd interesting this week; we had exchanges! I went with an Elder (like from elders quorum), and my companion with another. We have a couple investigators that are only available after 7. Soo to save time and be more efficient, we split up and had 4 lessons with a member between 7and 9 on tuesday and thursday which was pretty sweet!

So tuesday morning, the Sobrevilla family called us.. The dad told us that they don´t want to recieve visits anymore. That they are having some difficult situations and felt that that was their answer. It really felt sad to hear that they weren´t able to accept the gospel, but it wasn´t their time yet. Someday, they will be ready and they´ll remember the first missionaries that talked to them (I hope haha). 

In general, we had lots of set backs or dificulties with our investigators in this week. Some that said, They aren´t going to be able to go to church and don´t have time right now to attend us, some that didn´t go to church, one who needs to get married and her husband was going to come home this weekend, but now it´s for another 8 weeks. Various things of the nature that made things a little difficult. 

The happy part was sunday! Except for the people who didn´t go to church. Lot´s of less actives went for the first time in a long time yesterday! 7 just from our area of the ward! My whole mission, I´ve felt like I´ve always done more with the less actives than with pure investigators. I don´t know if that´s good or bad. 

We´re working with a family where there is a father, and 4 kids less active, and his wife isn´t a member. They´ve come to church twice now and the mother and father have told us that bassically that we teach better than the other missionaries that taught them before did. Like, we explain things better and I think they were able to feel more the spirit. It feels nice to hear that people honestly tell you that you are a good missionary. 

We´ve gotten various complements from the members as well in how we are working. You can tell when the ward is supporting you when they give you references of their friends that they haven´t given before hand, when they want to go and help you and work with you, and they just feel happy around you. I think I´m gonna miss that a little bit when I´m no longer a missionary, is influince I will have on the members of my ward. Obviously I´ll still have an influence, but it won´t be as strong. 

But yeah, I think that´s about it for now. Hope you all are having a great day and continue to have a wonderfull week!

Elder Warren

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