Monday, January 6, 2014

Moving forward in the Lord's work!

January 6th, 2014

Wow so it was a pretty good week. We were able to find a couple new investigators, one of them another family that seems really good, but we weren´t able to find them more than once and I was on exchanges that day, so I really don´t know them. 

The other family I told you about last week, the family Sobrevilla, is hanging in there. We´ve found out what their difficulty is, and maybe you folks can help. So the family is Catholic by tradition. Or you could say less active catholics. They were married there and their kids were baptised there but they almost never go to church. They are both accountants and educated and know the bible. The father is afraid to change. He likes to listen to us but he isn´t too sure that he wants to change to actually become a Mormon. We invited him to church again and said, we´re gonna take this slow then said that they weren´t going to go to church this week. The mom and the kids wanted to go, but he didn´t.  We´re focussing a ton on the book of Mormon, that they can read it and start to gain a tesimony because then all the other ´´rules´´ that we have will make sense and they will recognize that they are commandments of God, and not just rules. 

But maybe you could comment how you felt or knew that the church was true? Was it more before or after you were baptised? What made you make the decision to be Baptised? And what can we do as missionaries better to be able to help people arrive at this decision. Ask these to all the people you can! More converts but everyone! I´d love to hear what you have to say so that I can be a better missionary. 

We´re trying to give this family lots of friends in the church too because they really are awesome, they just need to get their answer. 

in other news, Happy New Years! ¡Feliz Año! So let me tell you a little bit about how new years is in México. First of all, there´s lots of food. Families get together and they have dinners. They make lots of food, wether it´s like a barbque or tamales or turkey. Whatever it is, there´s a lot of it and with a Méxican twist. From what I saw, it´s celebrated more than Christmas here. So just about everyone is drinking and lighting fireworks, because it´s México and anyone can buy fireworks. Then at midnight, fireworks start going of like crazy, and then there´s also a lot of gunshots too. They´ll just unload a whole clip on automatic, reload, and do it again until they´re bored. But that´s México for ya haha. (Don´t worry, we were safe in our house at midnight).

Oh yeah, so an investigator that has been going to church for two years now is probably going to get baptised this Saturday, or the next! She was married, but for something with the papers to go to the United States, the got divorced and never re married, but she´s going to get married this week! Blessings from Heaven!! Reminds me of someone I know haha. 

Hope you all are having a wonderfull time in 2014 and I wish the best for all of you!!

Elder Warren

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