Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This week flew by!

January 20th, 2014

Yup. I feels like two days ago, I was here writting to you guys. really. It´s scarry. But it´s good because we a lot of work this week too! We didn´t find quite as many new people, but we were able to be following up on the people that we were teaching. Sunday was awesome! Lot´s of people went to church! Not all of the people that we would like, but it felt nice to see the people that did go. 

So the people that could go to church were, Kayla, who is an investigator, and her grandmother who is less active and went for the first time in a long time. The parents of the family Trujillo. One is less active, and the other investigator. A member invited a family of 3 and they came. They don´t live in our ward but it was nice to see them there, and  less active from young men´s. Woo!

Soo this family that I keep talking about. This week we found out that they have been looking the Mormons up on the internet and they found things that they didn´t like. Obviously because there is a ton of anti mormon material in the inernet so they had a lot of questions that don´t really have anything to do with what they need to know. We watched with them a video of the testimony of Elder Holland of the Book of Mormon that is by far I think one of my favorite talks ever. It is so powerfull the way he speaks and testifies. After watching that they were like, oh.. okay. Like not completely convinced but I think it helped them understand that Joseph Smith wasn´t a bad person. Also, we were going to watch the movie The Restauration that´s an hour long that they play in the visitor center yesterday, but they weren´t home. It´s going to help them understand why Joseph Smith was so heavely persecuted because they have lots of questions about that. If he was a prophet, why did people try to kill him? Which really doesn´t make all that much sense because all of the religeous reformers in history were persecuted but anyway. 

So that´s them, in other news, umm, oh yeah. So we had a multi zone conference with President Morales and his wife. Actually, they´re going to feed us today! The cool things that happen when your mission president assists your ward. But anyway, he was talking to us about a lot of things, but one of the things that stuck out most to me that I wanted to share with you guys is when he was talking about Repentance. How he hears from a lot of missionaries, i´ve changed now, I´m going to do things right now, but then one month later, they are back to the way they were. One of the things he told us is that when we really repent, we get rid of entirely the desire to do evil or bad things. Sometimes we think we´ve repented, but we still wish we could do the bad thing that we stopped doing. If you still want to do it, you haven´t repented. An indicator that he gave us is that after a person has really repented, they have a different glow in their face. Like they look like they are a new person. I feel like I have been able to truly repent of a lot of things on my mission. I really think that when I come home, that you´ll probably see something different in my face, and I´m not just talking about facial hair. I would like that all of you could think of that and think how you could become a better person and make the process of repentence a habit in your life daily. I can promise that you will feel more joy and  release of the weight of sin when you can really repent of your sins. That was somthing that caught my attention along with some other things but yeah. 

Well I hope you are all having a wonderful week over there in New York or wherever you people are that end up reading this. 

Elder Warren

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