Monday, February 10, 2014


February 10th, 2014

Time is flying by. Now I´ve been a missionary for almost a year. The work here was a little slow this week. I really don´t know why. Maybe because it got super cold here, like 30. (I know, it´s not that cold but in México everyone is dying of cold. Plus the houses don´t have heating here.) or maybe it´s just a trial of our faith. We couldn´t find anyone new but we could at least see the progress of Keyla who is a teenager that is going to get baptised this saturday, and of Eunice from the family I told you about. She isn´t sure yet but we´re going to try to have her baptism on Saturday as well. 

This week was pretty cold. I never thought here in this part of México it would get so cold. I don´t know, it felt a little frustrating to not see too much progress and I felt like we were really trying, knocking on doors, contacting. I don´t know, maybe we didn´t do all that we could have, well I know that we didn´t do all that we could have, and that´s not okay. I´ve thought a lot about how I´m going to improve and the things that I am personally going to change in this week that have to do with having more confidence and initiative. 

So transfers are next week and It´s very possible that I will be going to a different area, but I´ve said that before then I stayed 8 months in the same area. But I will let you know for sure next week what will happen with that. 

Oh but something funny that happened in this week. We went with an investigator and somehow the subject of my loss of hair came up and made an awesome joke haha. It doesn´t make sense in English but I´ll try to explain it. But this is what she said ´´es como la gasolina, cada ves mas cara.´´ which means, you are like gasoline, every day more expensive. But ´´cara´´ in spanish means expensive, and also face. So it´s like saying every day I have more face because my hairline is receeding. I don´t know, you had to be there. And talk spanish. 

But that´s about what happened in this week. Oh also last Monday after I wrote to you, we went to a mall as a district and walked around in some of the stores and ate in the food place, I forgot what you call that. But it was pretty fun!

I hope you all have a wonderfull week! I love you all and pray that you all have great week!

Elder Warren

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