Monday, February 3, 2014

A week

February 3rd, 2014

Another week gone by super fast. This transfer is ending super quick. Something really awesome that has been happening this week is the progress of the Trujillo family. I think I mentioned them last week where the family is less active and the wife is an investigator. We´ve seen a ton of progress in them in this week. The problem that other missionaries have had with this family is that the Dad wasn´t really trying to follow through with his commitments. but now he´s, as you say in spanish, poniendo las pilas, which translates to he´s putting in the batteries. we assinged them to do a family home evening and we just went to watch pretty much. The dad did a fantastic lesson on the role of the family and of the different members inside the family. He has realized that he needs to take more control and be a leader in his house and lots of other good things but the spirit was felt super strong with them. Then another day we watched the video of Joseph Smith, the prophet of the restauration, which is now on Youtube. The liked it a lot and said that it answered a lot of questions that they had about Joseph Smith and the early church. They are really awesome and hope that I am still here to see her get baptised!

I don´t have too much time to keep writting but in this week I´ve realized how much I´ve changed. Don´t worry, I´m not a different person, but I have learned how to be a better member of the church and how to be a better husband, both things that will be valuble to me. Also I´ve had to learn a lot about leadership, something that is also helping me prepare to be of more use in the future. 

Thanks to everyone that has helped prepare me to serve a mission and helped me make the decission. I hope that you are all well at home and have a wonderful week!

Elder Warren

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