Monday, March 31, 2014


March 31st, 2014

Yep so we recieved the transfers and they are very interesting indeed. First of all, the Little branch where I am serving is going to recieve another pair of missionaries! So I had to go out and find a house for them to live starting Saturday and they will be arriving tomorrow. Luckily we found one.

Then I also got the news that I will be training! I am going to recieve my new companion tomorrow fresh out of the MTC!

Then I got the news that I am going to be district leader! The district is only 4 missionaries, the 4 in the branch, but I feel like it´s going to be a lot of pressure training and being district leader!

So this week was pretty cool. Erik didn´t go to church.. but he´ll go eventually.

We got to know two new people this week, Tomas and Tomy haha. Not related. But they both look like they are going to be baptised which is awesome!

This sunday we had 8 investigators in the sacrament meeting! Only 3 were ones that we have taught so hopefully that means lots of new investigators!

On Saturday the church here planned to have a veiwing of a movie from by the church called Efraim´s rescue. They payed the movie theatre so that everyone could enter in for free and the room filled up! And there were a lot of people that weren´t members that went! It was a pretty awesome movie and lots of people thought it was very good. And we had permission from the president to enter and watch it! The first and probably last time I will ever enter a movie theatre in my mission haha.

So one night I went in the bathroom to take a shower and there was a huge spider there like as big as my hand. I have pictures but my camera ran out of battery so I can´t send a picture right now but it was not a nice thing to see in the bathroom. We tried to trap it with a bowl but it jumped and died as a result. Poor spider.

This week was kind of a blur and I´m feeling just a Little stressed out right now, not in a bad way yet but if I stress out more, maybe. Mostly just because the time today was kind of crazy.

Well that´s about all I got to write for today. Hope you all have a wonderfull week!

Elder Warren

Monday, March 24, 2014

Elder Cook!

March 24th, 2014

So this week was pretty awesome! So before I tell you guys about the trip to Monterrey which was crazy, I´m gonna tell you a Little bit about the week.

So this week went pretty well actually! We were able to find a good amount of new people. And most of them were references from members! That is always awesome when a member introduces one of their friends or family members to the missionaries because they automatically have a source of help and support. We were able to make a lot of people progress I think, but not many people went to church. Erik, someone who we are teaching and is partially parilized, was awesome this week! We went and taught about the plan of salvation and he loved it! He´s like, oh wow this all makes sense! Then we taught the góspel of Jesús Christ which is faith, repentance, baptism, recieving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end, and asked him sincerely about his testimony about the book of mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith. He said that he has prayed about it and believes in both! Then we invited him to be baptised and when he had said no before, he said yes this time! We agreed to pass by for him on sunday but he never answered his phone that morning. So he didn´t end up going. That was a Little frustrating but we are going to be very direct with him this week and try to bring a member with us when we go to visit him so that he will have someone else that he can talk to.

Sooo we went to the grand city of Monterrey this week to see Elder Cook one of the twelve apostols! It was a Little crazy. So we left friday at 6 pm from Valle Hermoso. We arrived at Matamoros, a city pretty close to here around 7pm. We grouped up with all the missionaries from Matamoros and chilled there in the stake center until about3am and of course we didn´t sleep at all haha. Then we left from the stake center for Monterrey and arrived in 4 hours but the time went back an hour because we entered a new time zone so it was really 6:30am. We then all entered the chapel there and waited until about 9am for Elder Cook to arrive.

So there with Elder Cook was also Elder Tad R. Calister from the presidency of the seventy and president Jenson from the presidency of área of México and another member of the seventy. It was crazy. They talked a lot about the atonement and to apply the teachings of it in our work as missionaries. Also Elder Cook talked a bit about the importance of loving everyone to have charity. He also told us that we can still have miracles here. He then gave our missions a blessing which I have never Heard of someone doing before, but he blessed us that we will make the church grow a lot here in this part of the world and that we will be able to see miracles daily if we exercise our faith. It was pretty awesome.

So that´s pretty much what happened this week. Hope you all have an awesome week!
Love you all!

Elder Warren

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Surprise Baptism!

March 17th, 2014

Soo this week was pretty awesome. I don´t have a ton of time so I´m going to write about two awesome things that happened.

The first was that we had a conference with Elder Benjamid De Hoyos who is a member of the preidency of the área of México. First he had a conference with the leaders and the missionaries and then one with just the missionaries. He was pretty awesome and learned some good ideas that have a lot to do with involving the members in missionary work. About training the members to be a good ¨closest mormon family¨ for the investigators that we have and also the importance of having lessons with members so that they have another source of help and support. Something else that he explained to us that was pretty cool was that in D&C 88:73, it tells us that the lord will hasten his work in his time, which time we know is now because of modern day revelation through the prophet Thomas S. Monson. But the verse that follows tells us how to Hasten the work which was pretty cool to discover.

And the suprise baptism. So Deyla is an 11year old girl who had fear of the wáter and was the only reason that she didn´t want to be baptised. So we had been tring to work with her and then we finally had a lesson with her and told her to pray to ask if she should be baptised and to ask for the strength and courage to do it. Later that day, her mom called us and told us that she was ready for the interview! So we did the interview tuesday then on Thursday she was able to get baptised with her older brother and his wife who live in another Ward but it was really awesome to be able to have the triple baptism and a real miricle that she was able to make that decisión now where for a long time before she wasn´t able to make it.

I hope you all have a wonderfull week this week! We are going to go to Monterrey this saturday to hear from Elder Cook which should be pretty awesome!

Elder Warren

Sunday, March 16, 2014

One year!

March 10th, 2014

Well, I made it to the one year mark. I was trying to think of something like super thoughtfull and reflective and inspiring but I really don´t feel much different now that I´ve completed one year. Just that now that I know how much one year feels like, now I know more or less how it will feel to finish it but everyone says that the second year goes by way faster than the first year.

But there are quite a few big changes that have happened since I´ve started the mission until now. I think that the purpose of my life has been better defined since I´ve been here. I´ve grown in my carácter and have learned to discipline myself. I´ve also grown a lot spiritually. I´ve learned to recognize the impressions of the spirit and respond to them. I´ve also learned a lot more of the atonement and how to really apply it in my life, and then I applied it.

Soo this week was pretty normal. A Little frustrating because for the whole week we didn´t find anyone new. So on saturday night I was a Little frustrated because we still hadn´t found anyone new so I made the goal that we weren´t going to end the day on Sunday without finding anyone new. Soo I had planed to visit a reference that we recieved from an investigator that the other missionaries are teaching. So we went there and it was the last place where we were going to go and there was a car there. Yes! So they were a family of 5 and they were all able to sit and listen to us . I was actually with a member because we did divisions and my companion was with another member so I taught the restauration quick just to introduce what it is that makes what we teach so different and we have an appointment with them for Tuesday! So that made me pretty happy.

Hopefully we are going to have a baptism this Thursday of the girl who is scared of the water. It´s not positive yet but we´re hopefull!

Well I hope you all have a wonderfull week and I´ll see you all in a year!

Elder Warren

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Surprise Baptism!

March 3rd, 2014

So this week was pretty cool! We could find some new people that we think are going to be able to progress to baptism and we were able to see the progress of the investigators that we have now and it´s really exciting because I think we are going to have a good number of baptisms this month and in my time here in Valle Hermoso.

Like there´s this one sweet old lady that every time we go over she just tells us how just by going to church and listening to us, she knows it´s true and wants to get baptised. We went over yesterday and she had a question about if children need to be baptised. We explained that they don´t because they are innocent and  baptism is for the remission of sins. We read a bit out of Moroni 8 and explained that when children less that 8 years die, they automatically go to heaven with Heavenly Father. In the clossing prayer that she did, she was crying giving thanks because one of her children had died at birth and had thought for a long time that her child wasn´t going to be able to be able to go to heaven, but to be able to hear the restored doctrine, the spirit testified to her that it was true. That was an awesome thing for me.

The baptism is an interesting story too. The kid is 8 years old so it didn´t count as a convert baptism, but he is from a family that recently re-activated. One of her sisters who wasn´t baptised got baptised, but he didn´t want to for some reason. So the first day that my companion took me there, I talked with him and explained really simply why we need to be baptised, then asked him if he wanted to be baptised and he said yes! Then I said, how about for the 2 of march? And also said yes! Then for the baptism, he chose me to baptise him. In the photo is his family. That was one of the strongest like things where I realized why I was sent here to this area because the other missionaries couldn´t get him to get baptised, but the first time he saw me and listened to me, he decided to do it. It was really an awesome feeling.  

Well that´s about all I have time for right now to write about, but I hope you all have a great week and I´ll be talking to you next week!

Elder Warren