Monday, March 24, 2014

Elder Cook!

March 24th, 2014

So this week was pretty awesome! So before I tell you guys about the trip to Monterrey which was crazy, I´m gonna tell you a Little bit about the week.

So this week went pretty well actually! We were able to find a good amount of new people. And most of them were references from members! That is always awesome when a member introduces one of their friends or family members to the missionaries because they automatically have a source of help and support. We were able to make a lot of people progress I think, but not many people went to church. Erik, someone who we are teaching and is partially parilized, was awesome this week! We went and taught about the plan of salvation and he loved it! He´s like, oh wow this all makes sense! Then we taught the góspel of Jesús Christ which is faith, repentance, baptism, recieving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end, and asked him sincerely about his testimony about the book of mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith. He said that he has prayed about it and believes in both! Then we invited him to be baptised and when he had said no before, he said yes this time! We agreed to pass by for him on sunday but he never answered his phone that morning. So he didn´t end up going. That was a Little frustrating but we are going to be very direct with him this week and try to bring a member with us when we go to visit him so that he will have someone else that he can talk to.

Sooo we went to the grand city of Monterrey this week to see Elder Cook one of the twelve apostols! It was a Little crazy. So we left friday at 6 pm from Valle Hermoso. We arrived at Matamoros, a city pretty close to here around 7pm. We grouped up with all the missionaries from Matamoros and chilled there in the stake center until about3am and of course we didn´t sleep at all haha. Then we left from the stake center for Monterrey and arrived in 4 hours but the time went back an hour because we entered a new time zone so it was really 6:30am. We then all entered the chapel there and waited until about 9am for Elder Cook to arrive.

So there with Elder Cook was also Elder Tad R. Calister from the presidency of the seventy and president Jenson from the presidency of área of México and another member of the seventy. It was crazy. They talked a lot about the atonement and to apply the teachings of it in our work as missionaries. Also Elder Cook talked a bit about the importance of loving everyone to have charity. He also told us that we can still have miracles here. He then gave our missions a blessing which I have never Heard of someone doing before, but he blessed us that we will make the church grow a lot here in this part of the world and that we will be able to see miracles daily if we exercise our faith. It was pretty awesome.

So that´s pretty much what happened this week. Hope you all have an awesome week!
Love you all!

Elder Warren

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