Sunday, March 16, 2014

One year!

March 10th, 2014

Well, I made it to the one year mark. I was trying to think of something like super thoughtfull and reflective and inspiring but I really don´t feel much different now that I´ve completed one year. Just that now that I know how much one year feels like, now I know more or less how it will feel to finish it but everyone says that the second year goes by way faster than the first year.

But there are quite a few big changes that have happened since I´ve started the mission until now. I think that the purpose of my life has been better defined since I´ve been here. I´ve grown in my car├ícter and have learned to discipline myself. I´ve also grown a lot spiritually. I´ve learned to recognize the impressions of the spirit and respond to them. I´ve also learned a lot more of the atonement and how to really apply it in my life, and then I applied it.

Soo this week was pretty normal. A Little frustrating because for the whole week we didn´t find anyone new. So on saturday night I was a Little frustrated because we still hadn´t found anyone new so I made the goal that we weren´t going to end the day on Sunday without finding anyone new. Soo I had planed to visit a reference that we recieved from an investigator that the other missionaries are teaching. So we went there and it was the last place where we were going to go and there was a car there. Yes! So they were a family of 5 and they were all able to sit and listen to us . I was actually with a member because we did divisions and my companion was with another member so I taught the restauration quick just to introduce what it is that makes what we teach so different and we have an appointment with them for Tuesday! So that made me pretty happy.

Hopefully we are going to have a baptism this Thursday of the girl who is scared of the water. It´s not positive yet but we´re hopefull!

Well I hope you all have a wonderfull week and I´ll see you all in a year!

Elder Warren

A classic example of what my companion does. I love him.

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