Monday, April 7, 2014

Trainer and District Leader.

April 7th, 2014

Sooo this week was super interesting and fun! That´s right, it was fun! My new companion´s name is Elder Hancock. He´s from Salem, Utah. He likes bike riding which is good because he got placed in the only zone in the mission with bikes. We are getting along great so far! He is a really awesome guy. It´s kind of hard because he is the first companion I´ve had that is American besides Elder Hoffman and Elder Price at the beggining of my mission but they were about to end so they pretty much talked spanish perfectly. But now I have to be the person that knows all of the spanish and if I don´t understand what someone is saying, well my companion won´t understand either haha. So it´s been a Little more pressure in that sense but apart from that, it´s really an awesome experience and I´m learning a ton actually. It´s interesting having to teach a missionary how to teach people and all that but it´s also kind of cool because I can kind of form him into the kind of missionary that I want him to be. That could be good or bad but with me as his trainer, it´ll be something good.

So General Conference was also pretty sweet! The messages were super good this year I don´t know maybe it was just me. You should watch all of them if you didn´t get the chance to do it this weekend!

Also I want to send thanks to the Young family because Saturday I got the suprise of a package full of food! It litterally made me so happy and thank you sooo much!

Also thanks to sister Voss. I´m recieving your letters still and sorry for not responding but It´s super hard to find the time to write hand written letters here in the mission. I send my love and greeting to her!

I hope you all have a great fantastic week and You´ll be hearing more of this awesome experience that I´m in with my son. I really do love him like a son. It´s interesting how that happens. But have a great week everyone!

Elder Warren

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