Thursday, May 29, 2014

A week of miracles

May 27th, 2014

Sooo some pretty interesting things happened this week. One of the most awesome things that happened is that Eric who I´ve mentioned quite a bit before in my other letters, the one who was paralized, is now walking with a walker! But that´s not even the big miracle. We went to talk with him, the branch president and I one night when we went on divisions. But that was a friday and we basically gave him a frank discussion maybe to drop him, or stop teaching him because he kind of stopped progressing. So we told him to pray to know what he needs to do. Then on Monday (a week ago) he called us randomly and asked to meet with us. We went there first at the first momento we could tuesday and he told us that he wants to go to church! I was happy, but didn´t want to be disilusioned either. But we planned for someone to pick him up, the day came, and he went! I was super happy. Angelita also went and brought one of her grandkids that is 17 and that was pretty awesome to see also.

But something I learned from this is the power of having a member present in the lesson to help them come to church.

Angelita is progressing like a boss. (Excuse the expression, but it is the best way I can describe it in the English vocabulary that I am left with). She is so commited to follow everything that we´ve taught her. We taught the Word of wisdom and we found her only weakness haha. She loves to drink coffee. But she´s commited to stop drinking, that was friday and on sunday she still hadn´t drunken anything. She really does make me so happy though. Just seeing people comming to church makes me bubble up with excitement (you can ask my companion, I was so happy to see Eric come to church).

Well my time has run up to write so this will have to do for this week. Hope you all have a wonderfull week there in good ol´ New York.

Elder Warren

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