Sunday, May 4, 2014

Double Baptism!

April 28th, 2014

So yeah, we had a double baptism this past saturday and it was probably the most interesting/problematic baptism I´ve ever been a part of. I´ll be sending pictures but Just listen. So In México, there isn´t a whole lot of water presure in the city pipes so the church needs a pump to give the water in the building water pressure. So Somehow, the pump started got some air in the system so when the font was about halfway ful, the water stopped flowing. This was about half an hour before the baptism. So we were kind of freakin out. Then we went up on the roof because here in México sometimes there isn´t any water at all so the put a tank on the roof that fills up with water when there is water then when there isn´t any, the building uses that water but the pipe leaving from the tank didn´t work for some reason. So we brought a hose up to the roof and siphoned the water from the tank on the roof into the baptismal font. It was so ghetto but aw man I´m never going to forget that. End of story, we had a beautiful baptism of Tommy and Tomas.

So something that happened in this week was that I conducted my first baptismal interview for Tomas. It was an awesome experience and he really was super converted. One of the things that he said that really impacted me and made me reflect a bit on why I´m here, is that he said ¨It amazes me how much love all you missionaries have for the people. There aren´t many people out there that would spend all day on a bike just trying to bring them the Gospel in their life. It´s something that I really admire in you and want to let you know that I apreciate you all very much.¨ That kind of made me think. Like I wish that everyone saw us that way, because obviously there are many out there that think we are just trying to get more people to join the church and to just ¨get baptisms¨ but that´s really not why we are here. We or at least speaking for myself, Preach the gospel to actually improve people´s lives because I know that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, in it´s perfect form how it was when Jesus himself was on the Earth, is the only way to experience true joy in our life. I look at all the people that tell us that ¨they´re good¨ because the already have a religeon and we don´t have to preach to them who god is because ¨they already know him.¨ It makes me sad because I can see that they aren´t truly happy and I just want to share this great thing that we have that I know would help everyone in whatever situation they are in.

I think that every day, I apreciate a little more the fact that I am on a mission. Every day, I love it a bit more.

Hope you all have had a great week and that this week is awesome for you!

Elder Warren

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