Monday, June 16, 2014

Baptism and only 9 months left!

June 9th, 2014

That´s right folks, to celebrate 15 months in the mission we had a baptism! yeah. Another one. We´re bapising machines here. No but Angelita was just a miracle. It just made me so happy to see how she progressed and changed. She just accepted everything so quick and made the changes quickly too. She was a super coffee adict too but she gave it up super quick. Even got rid of the coffee maker haha. And next to be baptised is her family that are in the pictures. It´s amazing how much you can grow to love someone in only the course of a month without knowing them and the amount of trust that she has with us in incredible. She´s even told us things that she hasn´t told her friend that introduced her to the gospel. 

The mission is something incredible. I also have grown super close to my companion, Elder Hancock. This is the longest I´ve ever been with one single companion but for that I have grown very close to him and he´ll be a friend for life I´m sure, not to mention an excelent missionary. nah just kiddin, but seriously he´s a very good missionary as well.

So it´s pretty awesome here in Valle Hermoso and I don´t really want to leave but I feel that I´m going to be leaving here in two weeks.

It´s also kind of hot here. Like always over 90 degress in the day. All kinds of heat. But you just kind of get used to sweating all the time.

But now it´s time to go for this guy. Hope you all have an excelent week and I´ll talk to ya next monday!

Elder Warren

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