Monday, June 16, 2014

Just Another Week

June 16th, 2014

So, it´s hot here in México! haha. But besides that, everything is going really well! I really love this area that I´m in, like more tan any other area I think. I also love my companion, probably more than any other companion I´ve had. I don´t want things to change but I feel like they are going to change soon.

This week was pretty good. We found some new people, a couple of them that said that they had gone to church before or as a kid which was kind of interesting. We also had a couple lession that were kind of frustrating because they let us in, we gave the whole lesson and then at the end they told us that they don´t really want to learn anything they were just being nice. Kind of a waste of time but I guess if we´re teaching the gospel, it´s never really a waste of time.

But something I´ve noticed is that I am enjoying the mission much more than I was before. I kind of regret that I didn´t enjoy the mission as much when I started. Maybe it was because I still didn´t speak well the language, or for my companion, but I´ve been enjoying all of my time here in this area and it kind of makes me sad to leave but I know that I have to go to be able to learn something else and maybe enjoy the mission even more.

Hope that everything is going great there at home and that you´re enjoying the not so hot weather!

Much love,
Elder Warren

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