Monday, June 23, 2014

Transfers to Matamoros, and Barrio Jardín! (Jardín Ward)

June 23rd, 2014

Sooo I´m going to Matamoros! The Ward where I´m going is called the Tecnológico and my companion is Elder Romano, and Elder Neidert trained him. Elder Neidert was in the MTC with me so I´m going to be with his son haha. That should be pretty cool! I´m pretty excited for the transfers but also kind of sad. Mostly because I´ll miss Angelita. She´s one of those people that I feel like I´ve known her from somewhere but I never have seen her, in this life maybe. It still gets me that it´s probable that in the pre-mortal life, I told her that I´m gonna come and share the gospel with her and her family. But she does feel like a mom or grandma, it´s awesome.

But there will be lots of things waiting for me there in Matamoros I´m sure. Hopefully I find more people that are prepared to accept the góspel, I´m sure I will.

Sooo Jardín branch is ready to be a Ward. We did the last of the work Sunday and the membership is at 355. We started out at 666 so yeah. We did work. And the members don´t always want to help too much so we do a lot of the work but that´s alright. I feel like I could be a good secretary when I get home haha now that I know how it Works and everything. The sad part is that I won´t be able to see it become a ward. But it´s okay, I was just here to get them ready, not to see it happen.

I feel like I´ve grown quite a bit here in this área, having to be senior companion, training, and district leader. I feel like I´ve had the most success since I´ve started and I hope it only keeps growing!

Well, Times up for me,
Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Elder Warren

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