Thursday, July 31, 2014

A week of trials!

July 28, 2014

Well first I want to apologize for the horrible short email that I wrote last week. I´m starting this email earlier so that that doesn´t happen again. 

Well I´ll start off with the good things. we found a good family this week, their name is the Gonzalez family. They´re two parents and a son that live there. we were only able to talk with the two parents but the were very receptive to what we taught. The only problem is that the dad works on sunday. So until he changes that and is able to go to church, he won´t be able to progress. 
We also found a young man whose name is Osiel who is the helper of the father in the catholic church but he was super interested in what we were teaching. He actually confessed a question that he had always had which is there only one god but all the bibles depending on the version, are different? So then obviously, we explained the first lesson which explains what is a prophet, what is apostasy, that Jesus Christ organized the church in it´s perfect form in the Earth, and that after his death occured another apostasy and that´s why there are different bibles and different religeons. He was very interested but then his mom entered and basically tried to tell us that he doesn´t want to listen to us because he is catholic. Then we asked him if he still wants to listen to us and said that he does that it´s very interesting and his mom said well he knows best. 

The frustrating part was that many of the people we had found in the weeks before that we thought were very prepared and ready to progress, we couldn´t find the whole week. That was kind of frustrating. Then on friday I got sick. It started out with cold symptoms and a head ache, then saturday I started to have a fever but I kept working and took day quill throughout the day but when I got home took my temperature and it was at 103. sooo I called the Hermana Morales but I had to wait until sunday at 5pm to get medicine because I need to take an anti biotic also. But now I´m all drugged up, still sick, but at least my temperature is under control. 

Eh well I guess the good things kind of outweighed the bad, but I did feel bad this week that we didn´t have any investigators in the sacrament meeting. But we´re going to work much harder this week to help the people that we are teaching but I think more than anything, to find new investigators that are going to progress

Well hope that you all have a wonderfull week this week and don´t worry about me, I´ll be fine!

Elder Warren 

Monday, July 21, 2014

A trialing week

July 21st, 2014

So I don´t have much time to write so this is gonna be a little short. 

I feel like this week was a bit difficult. One, for the work we have. We´ve found quite a few people super prepared to hear the gospel, but they´re not progressing as fast as we want them to be. Mostly because none of them could come to church yesterday. And two, sometimes my companion frustrates me. I try to not let it show but I feel like I´m always dragging him around, like he doesn´t always want to work as much as I do wich is a bit frustrating sometimes. But President Morales told me that I have to help him and it´s what I´m trying to do. 

Also, I was kind of reflecting on my district and how much it´s changed since I got here and this moment and really it´s improved a whole lot. We have improved a whole lot. And also the zone leaders told me the other day that the mission president is trusting in me to lift up this district. I´m feeling a bit more pressure but it´s all good. Next week will be a better email but now I gotta go.

Elder Warren

Monday, July 14, 2014

This week

July 14th, 2014

Well, I don´t know how to explain too well this week except by saying that it was a little frustrating. At the begining of the week, we found some super prepared people to listen to us. Then one of them changed their house without telling us where they went, and the other, we couldn´t find all week. But we finally found her and put an appointment with her for this next week. No one came to church except one sister that always comes but can´t get baptised yet because she needs to fix something with her divorce so she can get married. 

But I don´t want you to think that my week was horrible, It was pretty fun. Thursday was my companion´s birthday so we ate lots of cake. Also we were able to find these new people that I just mentioned that seem like they are going to be able to progress. We are also in the process of reactivating a family that wasn´t comming to church. The two daughters are now reactivated and next sunday their mom and brother will be also. 

Soooo yeah. Basically that´s what happened this week. But next week will be much better. Love you all and hope that you are all enjoying yourselves!

Elder Warren

Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 2 in Matamoros!

July 7th, 2014

Well, this week was pretty cool. We got to know some new people, some of them we really think are going to be baptised soon, but we always need to find more! We found one lady, her name is Tania. She´s catholic and her husband is a less active (they´re not really married though, a problem much too common here in méxico). But she´s seen missionaries for years but they´ve never talked to her! So we had a lesson with her this week and it was awesome! Before she just kind of believed in the catholic church for tradition, but we explained and helped her with her doubts about baptism, because she was thinking of baptising her daughter. Then I asked her a question, I don´t even remember what it was, but she just started crying explaining how much she loves her daughter and how greatfull she is for her. The spirit was super strong in the room and we invited her to be baptised and accepted. When the people are feeling the spirit, they are going to accept the baptismal invitation because the spirit is telling them that they need to say Yes, and then they have a suprised look on their face because they don´t know why they said yes, but that kind of happened in the lesson. 

It makes me happy to realize that I´m changing people lives for the better. That I´m not changing the way that they think and believe, but that I´m just an instrument in God´s hands that brings the spirit, and then the spirit changes them. 

One of the things I was studing this week is how we can be teachers like Christ. And it´s really interesting to study the gospels in the New Testament and really concentrate in what Jesus taught and how he taught it, and then copy him basically. One of the coolest things that I´ve started doing is using examples and parables. The parables I´m still working on, I haven´t developed one really good but examples are anything things like _______ is like _____________. Like, Faith is like a seed. Putting something that is hard to understand, that you can´t see or touch or feel, into something that you can tought and see. In that way, the people are able to visualize a principle that otherwise is very difficult to understand. I think there´s a quote from Einstein, I don´t remember it exactly, but it says something like If you can´t explain something simply, it´s because you really don´t understand it. So yeah. I´m still working on understanding things better and as I do, I´m able to help others understand better as well. 

My companions pretty cool. We get along great, just that sometimes I want to work more than he does so I feel like there´s times when I´m dragging him around a little but other than that we´re doing pretty well. His teaching is really good as well. 

Well that´s about all I got for this week, I´ll be writting you next week!!

Elder Warren

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

First Week in Matamoros with Elder Romano!

June 30th, 2014

So this first week was super interesting and a bit dificult. One, I had to get used to walking all the time again and it´s super frustrating after being on a bike having to walk because it´s so slow! Also it was difficult because we basically opened the area which means that no one was working here before so we didn´t have any families to teach when I got here so since I´ve gotten here it´s been just looking for people. It´s been pretty challenging, but nothing I can´t handle! There´s some pretty great people here and some pretty cool families that we´re seeing. 

One cool story that happened this week is that we decided to go contact a certain area and the very first person we foun was a lady washing outside her house, so we went and talked to her. She sounded nice but told us that she didn´t have time in that moment to talk with us (which happens pretty often and usually means, I don´t want to talk with you.) but we put an appointment to come back sunday, so we went back yesterday and found her and started teaching her and found out some needs that she has and we were able to help her out. It wasn´t a normal lesson that we would have the first time, but we taught a person, not a lesson. It was pretty awesome. I have high hopes for her, just that she wants to start slow. 

Well, there really isn´t more time to write, next week I´ll include a little more about whats going on here in Matamoros!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Warren