Thursday, July 31, 2014

A week of trials!

July 28, 2014

Well first I want to apologize for the horrible short email that I wrote last week. I´m starting this email earlier so that that doesn´t happen again. 

Well I´ll start off with the good things. we found a good family this week, their name is the Gonzalez family. They´re two parents and a son that live there. we were only able to talk with the two parents but the were very receptive to what we taught. The only problem is that the dad works on sunday. So until he changes that and is able to go to church, he won´t be able to progress. 
We also found a young man whose name is Osiel who is the helper of the father in the catholic church but he was super interested in what we were teaching. He actually confessed a question that he had always had which is there only one god but all the bibles depending on the version, are different? So then obviously, we explained the first lesson which explains what is a prophet, what is apostasy, that Jesus Christ organized the church in it´s perfect form in the Earth, and that after his death occured another apostasy and that´s why there are different bibles and different religeons. He was very interested but then his mom entered and basically tried to tell us that he doesn´t want to listen to us because he is catholic. Then we asked him if he still wants to listen to us and said that he does that it´s very interesting and his mom said well he knows best. 

The frustrating part was that many of the people we had found in the weeks before that we thought were very prepared and ready to progress, we couldn´t find the whole week. That was kind of frustrating. Then on friday I got sick. It started out with cold symptoms and a head ache, then saturday I started to have a fever but I kept working and took day quill throughout the day but when I got home took my temperature and it was at 103. sooo I called the Hermana Morales but I had to wait until sunday at 5pm to get medicine because I need to take an anti biotic also. But now I´m all drugged up, still sick, but at least my temperature is under control. 

Eh well I guess the good things kind of outweighed the bad, but I did feel bad this week that we didn´t have any investigators in the sacrament meeting. But we´re going to work much harder this week to help the people that we are teaching but I think more than anything, to find new investigators that are going to progress

Well hope that you all have a wonderfull week this week and don´t worry about me, I´ll be fine!

Elder Warren 

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