Monday, July 14, 2014

This week

July 14th, 2014

Well, I don´t know how to explain too well this week except by saying that it was a little frustrating. At the begining of the week, we found some super prepared people to listen to us. Then one of them changed their house without telling us where they went, and the other, we couldn´t find all week. But we finally found her and put an appointment with her for this next week. No one came to church except one sister that always comes but can´t get baptised yet because she needs to fix something with her divorce so she can get married. 

But I don´t want you to think that my week was horrible, It was pretty fun. Thursday was my companion´s birthday so we ate lots of cake. Also we were able to find these new people that I just mentioned that seem like they are going to be able to progress. We are also in the process of reactivating a family that wasn´t comming to church. The two daughters are now reactivated and next sunday their mom and brother will be also. 

Soooo yeah. Basically that´s what happened this week. But next week will be much better. Love you all and hope that you are all enjoying yourselves!

Elder Warren

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