Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 2 in Matamoros!

July 7th, 2014

Well, this week was pretty cool. We got to know some new people, some of them we really think are going to be baptised soon, but we always need to find more! We found one lady, her name is Tania. She´s catholic and her husband is a less active (they´re not really married though, a problem much too common here in méxico). But she´s seen missionaries for years but they´ve never talked to her! So we had a lesson with her this week and it was awesome! Before she just kind of believed in the catholic church for tradition, but we explained and helped her with her doubts about baptism, because she was thinking of baptising her daughter. Then I asked her a question, I don´t even remember what it was, but she just started crying explaining how much she loves her daughter and how greatfull she is for her. The spirit was super strong in the room and we invited her to be baptised and accepted. When the people are feeling the spirit, they are going to accept the baptismal invitation because the spirit is telling them that they need to say Yes, and then they have a suprised look on their face because they don´t know why they said yes, but that kind of happened in the lesson. 

It makes me happy to realize that I´m changing people lives for the better. That I´m not changing the way that they think and believe, but that I´m just an instrument in God´s hands that brings the spirit, and then the spirit changes them. 

One of the things I was studing this week is how we can be teachers like Christ. And it´s really interesting to study the gospels in the New Testament and really concentrate in what Jesus taught and how he taught it, and then copy him basically. One of the coolest things that I´ve started doing is using examples and parables. The parables I´m still working on, I haven´t developed one really good but examples are anything things like _______ is like _____________. Like, Faith is like a seed. Putting something that is hard to understand, that you can´t see or touch or feel, into something that you can tought and see. In that way, the people are able to visualize a principle that otherwise is very difficult to understand. I think there´s a quote from Einstein, I don´t remember it exactly, but it says something like If you can´t explain something simply, it´s because you really don´t understand it. So yeah. I´m still working on understanding things better and as I do, I´m able to help others understand better as well. 

My companions pretty cool. We get along great, just that sometimes I want to work more than he does so I feel like there´s times when I´m dragging him around a little but other than that we´re doing pretty well. His teaching is really good as well. 

Well that´s about all I got for this week, I´ll be writting you next week!!

Elder Warren

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