Monday, August 25, 2014

Another week down.

August 18th, 2014

Something that is like crazy to me, is that the sisters that were in my district in the MTC are in their last week or they are going home like tomorrow. Either way, it´s crazy to think that they started at the same time as me and are already finishing. I feel Glad that I still have more time as a missionary because I´m just starting to become a good missionaryand I don´t want to stop now that I know how to do it! 

We had a good week Elder Holman. Sooo one of the investigators that we were teaching, Socorro, went to church for the first time yesterday! But afterwards she said that she liked her other church a little better. But we just need to explain why we do the things we do and she´ll understand. 

Also, we have an investigator whos name is Carlos. His wife and two kids were baptised like 7 months ago and they all go to church, including Carlos, but he still hasn´t made the decision to get baptised. We think it´s because he´s afraid to tell his family and he also commented to us that he has a doubt about what happens with our spirits between death and the resurection. We answered his doubt pretty well I think but he still said that he needed some type of confirmation, like a dream or something. Soo my companion offered that we would do a fast everyone together. and saturday night, he had a dream! He dreamed of his brother who had passed away and that he was going to be sealed, but the dream didn´t finish. And he wasn´t happy with the dream because it didn´t finish. Then in elders quorum, we had the elders together with the high priests and the class was on salvation for the dead and it was a super awesome class, one of the best that I´ve heard while I´ve been on the mission. Soo right now, we´re going to go eat with them and see what went down cuz it´s time for him to get baptized. yeah. 

But that´s about what happened this week hope you all have a wonderfull week! Love you guys!

Elder Warren

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