Monday, September 8, 2014

Another spiritful week

September 8th, 2014

Well this was another pretty awesome week. We had the lidership counsel this past wednesday and we had a pretty awesome. I pretty much had a little bit of an apifany (I totally spelled that horribly but oh well). Moroni 7 talks a lot about faith and says that we can't have faith unless we have hope, and we don't have hope until we have meekness and humility. We then learn from Moroni 8 that meekness and humility comes from the remission of our sins, which comes from baptism and the reception of the gift of the holy ghost and before all that we need to repent. And once we've gone through this whole cycle we arive at a trully strong faith which leads to miracles, also in Moroni 7. So it kinda goes like this 
Repentance-> Baptism/Gift of the Holy Ghost-> Meekness/Humility-> Hope-> Faith-> Knowledge/miricles/ministration of Angles

Pretty cool sequence there, huh? But You guys can go study that on your own if you want to learn more. Also my companion and I figured out in some companionship study that we were doing just how important light is. I would challenge all of you to focus your personal study of the scriptures this week on Light and learn as much as you can about it because it's necessary for exaltation! 

Apolonia, the sister of the Hermana Hernandez came to church this sunday! I was so happy! She is progressing very well and we are really excited for her. We are also teaching her sister and her and her family are accepting us pretty well also which is super exciting! 

What makes me sad is that this week is comming to a close and it's very probable that Elder Holman will be leaving in the transfers that are comming at the end of this week. It's been awesome being his companion. But my time is running out and I gotta go! So I'll talk to you guys next week and we're gonna know if I'm staying here, leaving, and if I'm gonna have another son!

Well love you all have a great week!
Elder Warren

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