Monday, October 13, 2014

An awesome week!

October 13th, 2014

Yup! This week was pretty sweet! For a few reasons. First, so this weekend that just passed, we fasted again but as a zone to be able to follow through with our goal for 15 baptisms but I don't think we are going to be able because of some falt of faith in the zone which makes me a little sad. But, lets talk about good stuff. Soo the fast was also so that we could have the 5 baptisms that we were planning on having. And, it looks like we are going to have them this next sunday! I'm pretty excited. Theres only one of the 5 that is kindof ify and it's because she is having a little bit of problems not drinking coffee. But if she can not drink it this week, she'll be going in with the other 4.

Also, something that I learned yesterday made me very happy. Finally, the Jardin branch, where I was in Valle Hermoso was made into a Ward yesterday! And the stake president mentioned my name like a ton of times and wished that I could have been there. That was pretty cool. Then Hermana Morales called me today and told me how proud she was of me and the work that we did there. Ahh the glory days.. haha. But yeah, that just put the frosting on the cake. 

So we also have some new people that are very promising. Maria is the sweetest old lady you've ever seen but she had cancer in her throat so she's like one of those people that need a machine to talk. But she's very humble and poor and the machine she has is like a big box but we don't even need to use it when we're teaching her. We can just understand her lips which is pretty cool. I've never been able to read lips in spanish but when we are talking with her it's like she's actually talking and we understand everything she's saying. But she has such a sweet spirit. I love visiting her! And she went to church yesterday and loved it!

The mission is pretty awesome though. I love being here and being able to help people and being remembered as someone that changed their life! 

Hope you all have a wonderfull week and enjoy the cool weather up there! Love you all!

Elder Warren

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