Monday, October 27, 2014


October 27th, 2014

Yup!! You heard right, even though Elder Holman has been here for about 6 months in Modelo and me just 3, Elder Holman is going to stay there again and I'm going to a new ward! So Elder Holman is going to be able to die in peace there in Modelo ward on the 25th of November. I will be going to the Torres ward which is in the same city of Matamoros but a different zone. I'm gonna keep being a zone leader and my companion's name is Elder Gomez, he was in my district while I was in Valle Hermoso. We are going to be opening the area because president is moving where the zone leaders are going to be. So we are going to Torres because they want us to divide the ward to make two stakes in Matamoros. So that's like my last asignment here in the mission is to divide Torres ward. And I say, mission accepted haha. 

Also, something super awesome is that Elder Hancock, my son, is going to be in my zone as a district leader! Super excited!

So this last week was pretty interesting. My companion and one of the other missionaries in the house got sick, but luckily I didn't get sick which is weird because usually if someone is sick around me, I get the same thing. So it was kind of interesting work this week, we couldn't do too much because Me and the other missionary in the house that wasn't sick we went out and worked for the two areas. The good part is that the 4 that got babptized last week, recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost this sunday and the two brothers recieved the Aaronic priesthood. It's been amazing to see how much that family has changes in these weeks that we've known them. Just changing lives here. No big deal. 

But I gotta go now guys, Hope you all have a wonderfull week!

Elder Warren

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