Monday, November 10, 2014

Another week down.

November 10th, 2014

Hey family! So this was a pretty good week. We only worked about three days though because we had to go to Reynosa Tuesday and Wednesday for Leadesrhip counsel. We had people go to church this sunday but there still isn't anyone that is like super ready to get baptised. We need to keep looking. They're out there and this week we're gonna find em! Also, Elder Gomez is just hilarious. He makes me laugh everyday. I think he's the funniest companion I've had so far. 

Soo the mission secretary called me and asked me what airport I'm going home to and told me that they are going to try and buy tickets for the 17th of Februrary. Soo that's the day most probable that I will be comming home. It's not official yet though. But very probable.
Well, I love you all very much, sorry that these emails are so short, it just feels like there's almost no time to write anymore!

Well, hope you have an excelent week everyone!

Elder Warren

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